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Monday, September 04, 2006

Forgive Me

Folks, you have my heartfelt apology. Some of you may be visiting for the first time looking for a bit of amusement - or maybe you found me through your Googling of either "gory shit" or "giant pimple on neck" wouldn't be the first. Some of you are my regular readers who pop in to see what's new and exciting in my life. Okay, so you pop in to see if I've broken anything or gotten my ass stuck somewhere. In either case, you're looking for something new to read.

And I ain't got a thing for you, people.

All living things need rest and some time to rejuvinate. I like to think of my inspiration, my muse to be living as well and evidently my inspiration is not only taking a little time off but has gotten waylayed somewhere.

It's not from lack of effort. During the day various thoughts and ideas come my way but I can't seem to assemble them into something interesting. It's like those times when you have all sorts of stuff if your pantry and refrigerator and you can't make a meal out of it for love or money. For now instead of me treating you to a satisfying meal you'll have to survive on cinnamon toast, cocktail onions and salami.

So forgive me, folks. And don't give up on me. Surely I'll be able to pull it together again soon.

By the way, if you see my muse anywhere, send it home. And it better bring souvenirs.


Anonymous Lisa said...

Pfft. I must be easy to please. I think everything you write is interesting.

11:35 AM  

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