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Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Shuffle - Save Boobies Edition

It's almost hard to believe that another week has passed because honestly I can't think of one thing I've accomplished that would give proof that this week has even existed. It's been a strange combination of malaise, ennui, and some of the shittiest summer weather that nature could devise. The phone hasn't even rang in all week.

However instead of blathering on about how I've not accomplished anything, Darling Mollie's second sock isn't finished yet or how I've got nothing on the horizon to break the monotony until the last Harry Potter book gets delivered in two weeks time, let me draw your attention for a moment to something that's important to me and important to folks who are important to me.

See those two pink buttons on my sidebar there? There are two because boobies come in pairs (the human sort, anyway) but either one will take you to a website that's featuring some of the most fabulous things for auction and your winning bid will not only get you something truly wonderful and unique to see or wear or use but you bid will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to aid in breast cancer awareness and research. Go here, look at the cool stuff, make your bids next week, get something terrific, help save boobies.

I haven't accomplished a thing all week but there are those who are doing something to make a real difference. Please help them reach their goal.

Bixente the iPod's goal is to shuffle. Let's go!
  1. Wait A Minute - The Cherry Bombs
  2. Stop Stop Stop - The Hollies
  3. I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock And Roll) - Dave Edmunds
  4. Lucky Man - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
  5. The Loving - XTC
  6. Up On Cripple Creek - The Band
  7. Can't Help Falling In Love - Lick The Tins
  8. Lullaby of London - The Pogues
  9. House At Pooh Corner - Kenny Loggins
  10. Flirtin' With Disaster - Molly Hatchet
Poppy, did you get visions of a Kenny Loggins/Molly Hatchet cage match?



Anonymous Robin said...

I did! That, and a Molly Hatchet/XTC rumble.

Thanks for the free publicity!

2:23 AM  
Blogger Hilda said...

Thank God for Kenny and Pooh! That's the only song I recognize.

Y'all are too cool for me. ;)

4:04 AM  

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