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Monday, April 21, 2008

Dude. I Am So Cheating Now.

Wanna know what I did this weekend? Read, watched a pantload of soccer, watched a pantload of movies. In other words, the same stuff I do every weekend except I didn't knit as much.

And so this means that I don't have a lot to actually write about but I still feel like I need to give you something to read. And I need to get one post closer to Magic Post 1000.

So I'm going to cheat. I'm going to give you stuff I've already written.

One Ravelry I belong to a group where you list your top five of...whatever. Top five bands. Top five movies. You get the point. Here are some of my top fives, copied straight from Ravelry, including commentary from me and everything. And the best part? You can do it to! Just gank this from me like a meme, use the same categories and voila! Creamy meme goodness with no cooking!

Top Five Rock 'n Roll Hunks

~ Roger Daltry of The Who - I’ll probably go to my grave thinking he’s hot.
~ Jon Fratelli of The Fratellis - A little skinny and maybe a little goofy looking but he’s got that something.
~ Jon Bon Jovi of Bon Jovi - Yeah. I know. But he’s a handsome guy.
~ Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea
~ Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters

Top Five Housework Quirks

~ I love to clean my kitchen at night. 10pm is perfect time for me to start.
~ It freaks me out a little to have wet hands (I’ll get them wet but I can’t wait to get them dry again) so rubber gloves are a must for me.
~ I’d rather take a good beating than vacuum.
~ I love ironing and I iron everything except for underclothes and towels.
~ I am virtually never caught up on my laundry.

Top Five Items In Your Closet You (Mostly) Can't Live Without

~ All my Birkenstocks, especially my Arizona sandals for wearing in the house and my Annapolis Mary Janes to wear outside the house.
~ My v-neck, all-cotton, long-sleeved t-shirts. And I really like the ones with the flowers embroidered around the neckline.
~ My khaki trousers. They look so nice all tidy and ironed.
~ All-cotton short sleeved camp shirts. They also look so nice when they’re ironed and all starchy.
~ My collection of scarves and wraps. Something to perk up every outfit.

Top Five Foods You Wouldn't Want To Live Without

~ Bacon. It’s the pearls of the food world - goes with everything.
~ Hellmann’s mayonnaise. I am known among my friends and blog readers (that's y'all!) as being a freak for Hellmann’s. And you know what? It goes with bacon!
~ Pasta. It’s a toss up really between pasta and potatoes but pasta nudges out the spuds.
~ Tomatoes. My hands down favorite veggie-that’s-really-a-fruit-but-everyone-considers-it-a-veggie-anyway. Goes with bacon. And Hellmann’s. And pasta!
~ Peaches. I eat peaches or peaches-are-an-ingredient food every day. And you can eat bacon with a fresh peach. You really can.

Top Five Dumb Things You Do

~ Wash towels. Be too lazy to hang them up to dry right away. Put it off for two days. Wet towels sour. Rewash towels. The cycle begins again.
~ Call my mother in Mississippi. Begin to speak to her in German. Conversely call my MIL. Begin to speak to her in English.
~ Sneeze while applying mascara. Lots of fun if you like to not only look like a raccoon but are dying to gouge out your eye.
~ Get in bed so exhausted that I’m asleep before I can pull up the duvet. Wake up hours later freezing.
~ Check my alarm clock about seventy jillion times that it’s set. And that it’s set for the correct time. Randomly wake up in the middle of the night and check it again just to be absolutely sure it’s set and set for the correct time.

Top Five Superpower You Would Want To Have

~ Healing. I’d love to make my husband walk again. * sniff *
~ Teleportation - that way my butt wouldn’t be in Germany when sometimes I really want to be back in Mississippi and vice versa.
~ Shape shifting - I’d love to be present in places where I’m not supposed to be. Like the Oval Office when the sooper secret stuff is going on.
~ The ability to eat anything that I want without any physical ill effects. Oh to be able to eat a whole Red Velvet cake without gaining 4 pounds and being sick to my stomach.
~ To be able to snap my fingers and have my home instantly clean and organized.

Y'all are shocked about me being freaky over having wet hands, aren't you? That and the fact that I love to iron.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Bon Jovi! I love Nikki! Those are my top 5- you can just repeat Nikki 4 times and add Jon Bon Jovi.

I dont like wet hands either.

I also am weird about crumbs. I wipe down not only my countertops, but I clean out my sink every night before I go to bed. Kinda freaky about it.

I wish I could drink Chai everyday without the expense or the weight gain.

Darling Mollie

5:10 AM  
Anonymous Belinda said...

Even though I'm not blogging anymore, I still wanted to do this one. So, yer gonna get my version here ;P

Top Five Rock 'n Roll Hunks
1. Mike Patton of Faith no More
2. Cameron Heacock of American Head Charge
3. Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional
4. David Silvera of Korn
5. Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray

Housework Quirks
1. I like washing dishes but not drying.
2. I like to vacum
3. I never seem to be able to tidy my bedroom
4. I find it theraputic to "dekalk" everything.
5. I like to use a screwdriver and a hammer to get rid of the ice in my freezer.

Top 5 Closet items
1. my chucks
2. my baggy jeans
3. my black/white striped tshirt
4. my red hoodie
5. my fav sports bra

Top 5 Foods
1. Cheese
2. Pizza
3. Apples
4. Toast
5. Chai

5 Dumb things
1. Trying to sms in the shower
2. Sometimes forgetting to take socks off before said shower.
3. Put something important somewhere I can find it, then not be able to find it.
4. Dance while trying to fry something - ouch.
5. Always pushing instead of pulling a door.

5 Superpowers
1. Turning back time
2. Being invisible
3. Mind control
4. The ability to keep my fridge stocked all the time.
5. Power over animals so I can call an Elephant to me when I'm too lazy to walk to work.

9:37 AM  
Blogger Maria said...

Did you know the hating-wet-hands thing is catching? Armyboy hates it and now I've started to hate it too.

2:21 PM  
Blogger traveler one said...

Oh my god! I love Alan Doyle from Great Big Sea too!! (I can't believe you know them!)

6:16 PM  
Blogger Marshamlow said...

Never heard the expression pant-full before, love it. We say butt-full - not as tact-full.

I can't help but wonder if the ironing and the not able to get laundry done are related, coming from a non-ironing very wrinkly girl.

7:13 PM  
Blogger Hilda said...

Check my Blog later in the week!


2:00 AM  
Anonymous Sugar Fluff said...

I love to iron, too!

4:52 AM  

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