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Monday, April 14, 2008

Unbridled Glee

Boy oh boy! Another fabulous day! From now on I'm going to consider April 14th to be the anniversary of one of the most wonderful days of my life. "What could be so great?", you say? Sit back and get comfortable and I'll tell you. Be prepared to be envious of how fan-damn-tastic my day has been!

~ Some people hate Monday mornings. I love 'em! Especially when I'm awakened at 7am by someone drilling in the concrete slab walls. Nothing says "Up and at 'em!" like being shaken from your bed by a drill hammer!

~ I love meeting new people. One of my favorite ways to meet new folks is walking to the bakery and seeing the folks who are gathered at the streetcar stop. Today I met a most pleasant gentleman who greeted me in a most pleasant manner as he walked away from the streetcar stop. I walked by and he got right in my face babbling "Bububububububaaaaaaa!" repeatedly. And loud! Good morning to you too, sir!

~ As I was awakened this morning from my pleasant, dream-filled slumber, chief among them being the dream that I had were I was imprisoned along with others by a woman who bore a frightening resemblance to Ann Coulter and I had to escape through a small window and run for my life through some dark woods, I opted to take a nap this afternoon. I cannot express how grateful I was to be awakened from it by a salesman who cheerfully telephoned me and asked me if I was happy with my current phone company. Why yes I am, kind sir! I thank you for your concern and I thank you for making sure I stay sleep deprived!

~ B and I chose to forgo a large supper this evening and instead opted to eat from whatever we had on hand. For him there was pasta and one small, single-serving jar of a pasta sauce that he particularly likes. For me there was a frozen pasta dish that I have eaten more than just a few times over the past five or six years. I prepared both dishes and I was jump-up-and-down thrilled to take a bite of my pasta dish and find that the sauce had gone sour! Few things thrill me more than the potential for food poisoning but I instead opted to set that dish aside and eat the only other things I had available for quick preparation and consumption - two eggs, which I boiled and ate with some saltine crackers. Excuse me. Let me correct myself, lest you believe that I gorged myself on two whole boiled eggs. I dislike boiled egg yolks so I dined on a sumptuous feast of boiled egg whites and saltine crackers. All washed own with a tasty, chilled glass of tap water. The gourmet in me is thoroughly satisfied.

~ Our doctor came by for her regular visit last Thursday and she wrote for us prescriptions for our regular medications, which we gave to my MIL to have filled since she lives right by the pharmacy we frequent. After supper I noticed that we didn't have any of the medication that I needed for B and a search in the other places where his medications would be stored left me empty handed. I certainly love a panicked search of my apartment for small boxes of medicine and I can happily report that all of the calories I consumed at supper are now long gone. We called my MIL to ask if perhaps she had gone already to the pharmacy and we were informed that she hadn't as we had reported to her, in error as it now seems, that she had time to get the prescriptions filled. Understandably B and I nearly shouted with joy at this news and my MIL, being as nothing fills her with more joy than to see us so thrilled by receiving good news, proceeded to repeat another four times that she hadn't gone to the pharmacy because we'd informed her that there was no rush to do so. By the time we'd hung up with my MIL, B and I were practically dancing with glee at the five-times-repeated news that my MIL hadn't been to the pharmacy yet.

~ At approximately 9:50pm our new neighbors, who seem not to posses a clock or perhaps they lack the skill of telling time, bid us a cheerful "Goodnight!" by beginning to drill once again. I, anxious to let them know that I had received their greeting, stamped my foot vigorously to say to them, "Sweet dream to you as well! And if you continue to drill, I will insure that your intestines will be removed via your nostrils! Nighty-night!"

No, no. Don't try to top me. It would be impossible. There is no way that your day could be as happy, well-organized and filled with contentment as my day was. Man has yet to invent anything that can measure the joy I've experienced today.



Anonymous pkb said...

And let me guess, your eye is still twitching?

I'm sorry, Dix.

We're sleepin' in when we get to heaven. I swear.

11:12 PM  
Blogger TitanKT said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:17 PM  
Blogger TitanKT said...

I deleted my comment above because I was in too big a hurry and made mistakes...

Now, see... a day like that would leave me a seething mass of moody, resentfulness and hate. But you... you got your glee-on. You: flinging glee everywhere.

I must admit that it does seem sometimes that days like this are only a big problem because you never just get ONE thing... it has to be TEN things all in ONE day until you just kind of cave in and go... where did I go wrong?

Here's hoping for a better, shinier, happier day for real for you tomorrow.

11:19 PM  
Anonymous umarah said...

i am sorry that you had such a tough day but i am laughing really hard as well.cant help are funny.

11:20 PM  
Blogger Clover said...

Ooooh. Ouch. And yet, Hahahahahaha! You funny lady.

12:22 AM  
Blogger sari said...

i can relate to the jackhammering, that sucks. all around.

2:22 AM  
Blogger Maria said...

I'm sorry your day was such a pain. I'm hoping today is going better for you!

2:25 PM  
Blogger Seona said...

ugh - what a grim start to your week. Hope today was better :o)

9:45 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

I love y'all. It doesn't matter how crappy my day has been, y'all never fail to cheer me up and make me feel loved.

1:35 AM  
Blogger Stormy said...

I think you should give the drillers directions. That will keep them busy for a while.

I'll send you ribs iffn you want!

4:16 AM  
Blogger Marshamlow said...

Hoping today is not quite so good of a day for you. That was a lot all at once. Maybe you got it all over with for the spring. How is your spring, do you have flowers on the balcony yet?

4:59 PM  
Blogger Sirmelja said...

Sorry about your day, but I'm ROFL hysterically and just generally snickering like a stuffed up banshee :-) Funny, funny woman! And clearly you have to be otherwise you'd have torn quite a few people's hair out by now! *snickering gleefully*

12:45 AM  
Blogger purplepassion said...

But the real question is... How do YOU know that a squirrel on Pez twitches?
I hope tomorrow isn't as gleefull! I can relate. I have been so overwhelmed lately that I haven't even blogged. Today I am reading blogs, maybe I post tomorrow.

6:53 PM  

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