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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I dread even getting into this but since it seems to be the next biggest thing (somehow that grammar looks shakey) in my life right now next to the kitchen renovation and putting off its telling will only make it longer I may as well get started.

Know the deal with the loud family living above me? Things have come to a definite head.

B's been noting since the noise started the worst offenses. Not every objectionable noise coming from there but the most annoying and alarming. And we knew that the people on the 4th floor living above the Louds were pissed about them as well. More pissed than us.

Last Sunday Frau 4th Floor came by to talk to us about the Louds. She's fed up and wanted to call the rental company (the Wobau) on Monday and wanted us to call and register our complaints as well. The more united a front we present the better.

B called the Wobau on Monday and the lady who's in charge of our building said "Yeah, I've already spoken to Frau 4th Floor and this is very upsetting. I didn't know these people were as bad as they are. I'd heard stories about them in the other building (a building also owned by the Wobau) but didn't know it was so bad. But I should have this complaint in writing. Give me the details in writing and then I can give them a formal written warning that they have to shut up or they're in violation of their contract and violating the contract means immediate eviction."

Damn! They don't fuck around!

So B's written a formal complaint to the Wobau spelling out the worst offenses and that it's making our lives miserable. And that's not an exaggeration. We're constantly waiting for the loud TV and radio to crank up and the screaming and wailing to start. It's especially hard on B because people with spinal cord injuries don't process sudden shocks like abled bodied people do and he's beginning to have painful spasams in his shoulder.

Then yesterday morning we hear Herr Loud get started with a screaming fit. "Blah, blah, blah what does the Wobau want, blah, blah, blah.". Uh oh. They've heard from the Wobau. Evidently they're not waiting for the written report from us to begin the warning process.

Yesterday evening things got more interesting. Around 8:30 the two Loud daughters appeared at our door and they said that the Wobau had called their mother in to speak to them and was told to keep things quiet or else. Then the older daughter proceeded to go on about how their father can't help it - he has sudden pains and he must scream. We must be more tolerant and understanding because he's handicapped, ya know.

She's telling that to a man who is a quadriplegic and who hasn't been outdoors since last September. Oh the aching irony!

B said "Well I understand he's got pain but what does that have to do with the loud TV and radio. He doesn't have a hearing problem does he?". The daughters didn't have much to say about that - just more stuff about how their father has had brain surgery and he just can't help screaming when he has pain. I mean it took like three times mentioning the pains have nothing to do with the loud TV and radio. We know from neighbors who have visited that family that he does it on purpose - turns up the TV unreasonably loud and then after the wife turns is down, he turns it back up when she leaves the room.

The daughters went on about how their poor mother's nerves were shot from this stress from just moving in and the Wobau giving them their warning and B said "Well I feel for her. My nerves are shot as well.".

Finally I said "So let me see if I have this straight. You want our family to tolerate everything. You want the people on the 4th floor to tolerate everything. You want us to make all the sacrifices and your family will do nothing, right? Sorry. It doesn't work that way. We can overlook some of the screaming from pain but the profanity and the loud TV and radio isn't going to cut it. We are not budging from that. This is nothing personal. We have nothing against your family. We only want our peace. My husband gets no escape from it and he deserves his peace.".

They talked to Frau 4th Floor after that and got a less kind reception. Frau 4th Floor want every loud noise stopped - pain screams included.

I know we must seem like hardasses to some people but we have to look out for ourselves. I'm sorry this family has problems but they're not my problems. I have my own handicapped husband to deal with - I don't need the problems of another. It's not like we have flimsy, thin walls here. This isn't sheetrock. All our walls, floors and ceilings are of mason block. You know they're making some loud fucking noises if it's penetrating mason block.

Today the TV was again loud and the wife evidently turned it down which was followed by Herr Loud screaming "Am I not allowed to do anything anymore?".

Not if it means you disturbing me, fella. Get quiet or get packed. The written complaint goes to the Wobau in the morning.


Blogger Beege said...

Girl: this has become my soap opera! Snort! I'm like, "I have to get to Dix's blog and see what the Louds are up to!"

I don't think you sound like hardasses. You have every right to peace in your home. But if they move out, what will I do for entertainment? ;)

4:09 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

My friend, Moll, said the other day when I was telling this story to her on the phone "Oh man! I can't wait to tell my parents about this! It's like a saga to them!".

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And I did and they were SHOCKED! I think my dad is ready to head to Germany himself and talk to the Louds--- loudly!

10:18 PM  

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