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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The gloves are off...

...because now it's war.

Like I don't have enough shit to deal with this week. Like I don't have enough stress. Like I'm not within inches of beating the dog piss out of Wolfgang for slopping paint on the stove I'm giving to Angelika's son.

Not an hour ago my MIL came up from walking the dog and she was seething. All I could think was "Man! How did she know about the paint on the stove already?" but it was much worse.

The older daughter of the Louds, the one who was the mother's mouthpiece a couple weeks ago when she came down to plead her case just accosted my MIL on the street. Walked up to her and started giving my MIL unbridled hell and spouting shit like "Stop making my parents out to be so bad! Your kids are making them miserable! We can't help it if your son doesn't listen to his TV loud enough - tell him to turn it up if he can't hear it!".

Why my MIL didn't punch her in the face I'll never know. I know I wouldn't have held myself back.

First, we're not making her parents out to be anything. We didn't say they were bad. We said they were loud. And they are. Second, if they're miserable living in an apartment with 39 other families and being respectful of the other families, that's their problem. Sounds like they need to rent a house. Third, get the fuck out of my face with the "your son doesn't listen to his TV loud enough" bullshit. We listen to the TV at a normal volume. We can hear it fine when it doesn't have to compete with someone else's TV. And if we turn ours up, they'll turn theirs up and we end up in the volume war.

Daughter then started in on how "My dad's missing a part of his brain [I will not touch that...I will not...I will not] and so he's got to hear the TV loud.".

Interesting. Gee, the former neighbors from the building they just moved from reported they'd complained to that family on many occasion about their TV and radio. And this was before he had his brain incident. And it's interesting how Frau Loud reported to the Wobau that they recognized that he turned up the TV volume too loud and they were going to take him to an audiologist. And why can't the bastard just use earphones if he can't hear the TV? That's what my next door neighbor does. She's deaf as a stone and after neighbors complained about her TV she started using earphones. Problem solved. But instead Daughter Loud had to tell my MIL that us being disturbed was our problem and her father didn't care what the other neighbors thought.

Oh! And I don't want to forget to add that Daughter Loud told my MIL that we should have complained to them instead of the Wobau. Oh I'm sure that would have done a lot of good. They don't change when given a written warning from the landlord - what fucking good would it do us to complain to them personally?

That's it. That was the final straw. Every day since last Thursday they've been getting worse. Each day the TV gets louder and louder. And now the incident tonight with my MIL? That's it. They're going down. The lady from the Wobau is on vacation until next Tuesday and the minute she gets back, she's getting this problem right back in her lap. We've tried to handle this professionally and without making this personal but hassling my MIL on the street has change the whole game.

And if I see that bitch on the street, God help her. No one speaks to my MIL that way and gets away with it. She's going to get a fucking English lesson she'll never forget.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is about to suffer the wrath of a transplanted Mississippian- god help her!

I knew the Wolfgang good graces streak was too good to be true.

Another episode of Leave it to Wolfgang continues....

9:31 PM  
Blogger BarefootCajun said...

Get her, Dix! What a little bitch! Let's hope the Wobau sends them packing immediately.

Wolfgang. Oy!

11:26 PM  

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