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Monday, May 09, 2005

There's always an upside

Sure it's been a mixed up, chaotic, annoying day but there have been some bright spots that should be recognized.

B got lots of phone calls today for his birthday. Everyone wanted to wish Mr. Popularity a happy birthday and of course that made him feel good. His mom was a little upset that the gift she'd ordered for him hadn't arrived but B's not one to fret over such things. She brought him flowers and baked him a delicious chocolate cake and his physiotherapist brought him flowers as well.

What did I get him? Nothing. He didn't want anything in particular and needs even less so I didn't bother to buy him something he wouldn't be too crazy about anyway. He appreciates practicality more than tokens. I know my guy.

But I did tell him that he can get any computer he wants. He's in the midst of computer shopping - searching for the perfect combination of lots of memory and a sizzling graphic card and a speedy processor that won't end up being as loud as a washing machine spinning a load of Levis. The idea of him being able to get whatever he wants made him happier than a fat kid let loose on a plate of cupcakes.

And to round out the day, Angelika, the neighbor who came for coffee last week sent over via my MIL a little bag of miniatures. She saw that I collect miniatures and she found a lot of funky stuff to add to my collection. A tiny round cloisonné box, two wee tiny colored glass vases, an oval tin box with a tapestry lid, a few assorted glass animals - just all sorts of adorable, wee things. No reason but to make me happy. And with the stress of this week looming over my head, I could use some happy.

I'm seeing some silver lining after all...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

SUPER! I am glad B got lots of calls and that Angelka came by and brightened your day. That is so nice that she gave you miniatures- hey, this is good people! I see you two becoming good buds!

And B gets his fancy PC- good for him! He got cake, getting his pc, new kitchen- going to be a good year for the Gutschmidts!!!!


7:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw, I put my name into the Unitarian Jihad Name Generator and mine is-

Sister Venerable Cruise Missile of Truth

Thanks for the link and the office entertainment!


7:38 PM  
Blogger zoe xx said...

Smooches to B - sorry I missed on the day, but that's the thing about birthdays - they can go on for ages if you let them! Glad you had a good day,



PS - Hey Mollie!

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HEY Zoe!! Ive missed you- how have you been?!! How are Alfie and Mike?!

9:27 PM  

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