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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blissfully Unaware

Each morning I get up, shower, dress, and then walk over to the bakery to get bread for breakfast. I may visit different bakeries - there are six I could walk to in five minutes or less - but my morning routine seldom varies.

This morning when leaving the building I ran into a neighbor and she said "Wasn't that frustrating this morning?".


"The water."

"What water?"

"Our water."

"What about it?"

"We didn't have water this morning for a couple hours. It must have something to do with them replacing that water line up the street under the streetcar tracks."

"Uhhh...oh. Hmmm. I slept through that."

Later in the afternoon while B and I waited for his physiotherapist we were nearly deafened by a helicopter buzzing around very low. I stepped out on the balcony and saw it hovering as low as was likely safe and then flying away only to come back and do it all over again. This lasted for about a half hour and the helicopter had just flown away for the last time when the physiotherapist rang.

"Did you see the helicopter when you drove up? Wonder what that was all about?"

"Your bank got robbed."

"My bank? Really?" (My bank is like 200 meters away from my home.)

"Yeah. Some guy robbed it less than an hour ago. I heard it on the radio the police are looking for the guy."

"Wow. I had no idea."

Around 4pm this afternoon I laid down on my bed to read. The window was cracked open and I could feel the breeze on my legs as I read and then later when I got sleepy I could hear a bit of rain hitting the pavement. The smell of warm rain came in with the breeze and it smelled so lovely and comforting and I fell asleep listening distant rolls of thunder.

I woke up nearly two hours later barely able to get my eyes open and get myself upright and standing. It was raining very heavily outdoors and the wind howled and the thunder boomed nearly as quickly as the lighting flashed.

"What have you been doing?"

"I was asleep. What did you think I was doing?"

"I had no idea. Reading I guess. How did you sleep through that? The thunder was so loud!"

"I dunno. I guess I was having a fantastic dream."

I'm glad I live in a secure building. Else I'd go to sleep tonight and find myself in the morning robbed blind and completely unaware that it had happened.



Blogger Kathy said...

That is me exactly. I fell asleep once and forgot my brother was coming over. He called me and he banged on the door. He could never get me to answer. Finally he crawled in through my bathroom window -- I never even noticed. When I got up, there he was!

2:00 AM  
Blogger Marshamlow said...

I would much prefer to sleep through being robbed anyways. I am so jealous of your morning treck to the bakery, that sounds lovely.

5:19 PM  
Blogger sari said...

I like to look at it as all this stuff is going on around you...and your good karma just wraps you in a big hug and things are wonderful.

I slept through a few songs in a Rolling Stones concert once, I can relate to the sleeping part. ;-)

1:30 AM  
Blogger sari said...

I am tagging your for something on Friday!

6:24 AM  
Blogger J said...

Sounds like an exciting day in your area. I tend to sleep through things too.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Twango said...

Sounds like Madgeburg was a hoppin.

I'm jealous. The slightest noise (that isn't a normal house noise) will typically wake me up.

4:51 PM  
Blogger Ginnie said...

Nothing like a good storm to put you to sleep, Dixie. It means you have a clear conscience. :)

So glad you're safe!

3:54 AM  

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