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Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Shuffle - Get Your Motor Running Edition

Darling Mollie and I have been chatting online for a couple hours now and our topic du jour today is cars. Darling Mollie is a big time car freak. And I've got a line for you single guys. If you want to turn Darline Mollie's head, drive a muscle car. She's a sucker for a hot muscle car.

Darling Mollie then wanted to quiz me on my automobile history and did it meme style so I thought I'd answer it here. She's all excited about me posting it here. Her brush with celebrity.

Steal if you wish. Except you, Hilda. I adore you but you're not eligible to play this time around.

1. What was your first car- not the one your parents made you drive, but one you bought yourself?

The first car that wasn't a parental loaner was a used truck my then-fiance, now ex-husband gave me when he bought a new truck. A 1980 Dodge 3/4 ton pick-up truck. It had two gas tanks - which was helpful since it sucked down fuel like a 10-year-old sucks down a Slurpee on a 90 degree day - automatic, power steering but strangely enough, no power brakes. Who in the hell has a truck with power steering but no power brakes? I hated driving it but I didn't have to pay for it and at least I could stop borrowing vehicles from my parents. My father had an even crappier truck that I got stuck with all the time. The first car I ever bought for myself was a 1990 ragtop Jeep Wrangler. I didn't exactly hate that Jeep but I hated having a ragtop. Too cold, too windy, too noisy, murky windows and I detested dealing with those stupid zippered windows. And for years that Jeep would stall on me just as I was downshifting to make a turn. I held a grudge against my ex-husband for years for talking me into buying that Jeep.

2. What was your favorite car memory?
My cousin had a gorgeous blue 1968 Chevy Malibu. His sister and I would borrow it to cruise the strip around town and since everyone knew this car, we got noticed a lot. A good car with which to cruise the strip is essential. One evening my cousin showed up to reclaim his car and after a lot of protests he said we could come along with him on his errand as long as we sat still and kept our mouths shut.

You know running moonshine with your cousin at 11pm on a Friday night is scary. And a little fun. And I had no idea that going over railroad tracks at 100mph would make you fly up and hit the dome light in the car with your head.

3. What was your worst car memory?
I don't know if this is the worst memory but it's certainly the most embarrassing.

4. Road Trip?
One of the very best road trips I've ever had was when my dear friend, Susan, and I drove from Virginia to Mississippi to visit my family. We rented a car, a red Pontiac Grand Prix, waved goodbye to our husbands for a week and headed down the interstate. Me, Susan, a lot of cigarettes, a lot of Dr. Pepper and a heinous amount of Snoop Dogg because Susan brought the wrong box of cassettes. Susan had never been that far south before so she was enlightened to find out that it's not uncommon to be able to buy bait and fabric at the same store. She loved driving past Bucksnort, Tennessee (and who doesn't?) and the classic moment was when we were laughing hysterically at the hand painted sign in someone's front yard advertising shad guts for sale and Susan creamed a bird with the car. I know, I know...hitting a bird with a car isn't funny but it came after the shad guts and we just couldn't stop laughing.

5. What vehicle did you own that you despised?
That complete piece of crap 1985 GMC Jimmy that my ex-husband bought when I inherited his old Dodge pick-up. The one I warned him not to buy. That piece of shit lemon would never start. We went through batteries, alternators and solenoids at a frightening rate. Not to mention the time we drove to Mississippi and the U-joint broke. Or the time when coming back to Virginia from Mississippi the transmission crapped out and we had to drive the last 400 miles home in a truck that wouldn't get out of low. Or how paint began to bubble up and peel off the hood and roof 15 months after buying it. I have never been so happy to see a vehicle towed away for good in my life.

6. If you could have any car back- which one would it be?
I have only had one car in my life that didn't disappoint me and that was the Toyota Camry that had belonged to my mother and she gave to me when she bought a new car. I used it to commute to work because frankly I couldn't bear to drive that Jeep any more than necessary. It had about 125,000 miles on it but by golly that bitch started every time I turned the key and after the nightmares of my other vehicles, that meant a lot.

7. If you could have any car- regardless of price- what would it be?
Thirty years ago when I first got my driver's license I wanted a black Trans-Am, just like what Burt Reynolds drove in Smokey and the Bandit. If I could have one just like that in mint condition I'd take it.

Bixente the iPod is revved up to shuffle.
  1. Bad Case of Loving You - Robert Palmer
  2. Phantom Limb - The Shins
  3. Be My Lover - La Bouche
  4. Oye Como Va - Santana
  5. Henrietta - The Fratellis
  6. All Over You - Live
  7. My Generation - The Who
  8. Metal Guru - T. Rex
  9. One Thing Leads To Another - The Fixx
  10. Lone Star State Of Mind - Nanci Griffith
Groove on your weekend the mostest!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously- if any man has the following, have him call me-

1. A Challanger
2. A Charger
3. A Camero- especially the 69 with a L89 396 engine. 1970 Z1 was sweet too but only about 60 were produced.
4. 1972 Buick Skylark
5. Corvair
6. Any vehicle that Carroll Shelby influenced (re: The Shelby Mustang)
7. Barracuda- 1970 and it better be the Hemi (a 426, of course)4 on the floor! (some say it was the best engine ever built)
9. 66 Corvette- single Holy 4 barrel. Simple. Fast as you can push it on rails with 450 hp.

No need for a 10- these 9 are it. OK, I do not have the Cobra or the Chevelle up, classics, but I had little room- just go with my top 9.

Now, I also go for Aston Martins, TR6s, and Jaguars- I cannot resist the little British invasion of the 60s- adorable.

Anyway, thanks for indulging me today with some car talk. Few is as exciting as the days when I get my Hemmings Classics in the mail- I adore muscle cars- I basically love all things classic.

My favorite car ever made is the 1968 Volvo PS 1800. I swear I will own one someday..park it next to my Charger!

Vintage Chanel...vintage Louis Vuitton.....

Hey, its good to be well rounded! PLus, NO one believes I love cars as much as I do which is amusing!

- Mollie

2:48 AM  
Blogger sari said...

Mollie, car buff??? I guess so! But if you're going to drive vintage, you need a nice vintage bag. :-)

That Robert Palmer song was one of my music lyrics this week! (and Hilda and I had the same #1 our music lists today) - it's a weird synched up music week!

4:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, gotta have the vintage bag, Sari!

I was thinking about it and want to clarify- the COBRA is a Carroll Shelby car- I added it after I picked the top nine because it is such a stand alone in the auto world. Shelby was a famous auto racer (drove an Aston Martin!) and Ford approached him after he had to leave racing to develop a racing car- the Cobra. Subsequently, the Shelby Mustang came around years later.

The thick parallel racing lines down from the back to the front of the cars are a signature design from the racing days with the COBRA- now they are everywhere.

He moved to Chrysler in the 80s to make the Shelby Charger.

They sucked.

He ended up helping with the viper.

And in between? He sold chili. Chili and cars- gotta love him!

The gent is 84 now.

Dixie knits- I drive.


6:19 AM  
Blogger Hilda said...

HEY! I can too play! Just because I don't drive doesn't mean I haven't been *in* a car and therefore have car memories! Don't make me accuse you of being a *Drivist*!

I'll just answer those that are applicable...:)

1. What was your first car- not the one your parents made you drive, but one you bought yourself?

2. What was your favorite car memory?
When I was like 7, so it was around 1970 or so, and my dad got a *company car* - it was a super-cool 2 -door royal blue Camaro with a white leather-like top! It was awesome! Completely impractical for a family of 4 (getting my grandmother into the backseat was quite the show!), but cool nonetheless.

3. What was your worst car memory?
When I was about 5 and I was singing that part of the song *Those Were the Days* that went "La, la, la, la, la, la. La, la, la, la, la, la. La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la..." over and over and over again. My dad kept telling me to stop, and I of course wouldn't because I was 5. He stopped the car turned around and yelled in his wrath of God voice that now I had to keep singing until he told me to stop. So for what seemed to me 12 hours but was probably more like 5 minutes I samg "la, la, la" through wracking sobs and streaming tears.

4. Road Trip?
I think my favorite road trip was one I took with my parents the summer before I got married. We drove to Savannah, Charleston and Asheville. We had a great time and were able to experience a *family road trip* one more time.

5. What vehicle did you own that you despised?

6. If you could have any car back- which one would it be?

7. If you could have any car- regardless of price- what would it be?
A British Racing Green, four door Jaguar Vanden Plas.

1:06 AM  

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