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Monday, March 17, 2008

They Forced Me Into It

On Saturday afternoon I received a call from my optician. As you'll soon see they've got enough bad shit going for them right now so I shall not heap upon them more bad shit by mentioning their sorry names.

About five weeks ago I picked up the new glasses I'd ordered and at that time left my other pair at the shop. The lacquer is coming off the legs of the glasses at an alarming rate and I wanted them to order new legs for them. It's the second time this has happened with this particular pair of glasses and since the frames are still under a three year warranty I wanted them fixed.

At least two weeks ago my MIL was at the same optician buying herself a pair of new glasses and at that time she asked about my pair that was being repaired and they told her the new legs weren't in yet. Okay!

Back to Saturday: The very cheerful and quite apologetic woman on the phone cheerfully and yet apologetically informed me that they had accidentally and heads-up-their-assesly neglected to even order the new legs. Evidently my glasses had been sitting around the back of the shop, being moved from time to time to accommodate someone's lunch-in-a-Styrofoam-box until evidently finally someone said "Who in the hell's glasses are these and why are they always in the way when I want to eat my Döner Kebap?". Frau Cheerful-und-Apologetic told me that the legs were being ordered and it would take about ten days for them to arrive.

I had no other choice in the matter. There was only one reasonable way I could react to the news. I accepted her apology and told her I'd look forward to another call letting me know that the repair was complete and I could come pick up my newly re-legged glasses.

And then I sent over a pack of wild, rabid dogs to eat their faces and all their Döner Kebap.



Blogger sari said...

I would've said "great, and it's FREE since I've waited an eon and a half, right?" *smile smile blink blink*

Sheesh. How are they going to be able to work with no faces?

11:59 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

Well it not like they were any great shakes with the work when they had faces!

I'm not paying for the repair anyway. The glasses frames are still under warranty. I didn't pay a cent the last time this happened. Of course I didn't wait 700 days for them that time either.

12:06 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

But what else could you do? You were FORCED to send over the rabid dogs.

2:20 AM  
Blogger TitanKT said...

Yeah, I agree and totally approve. Rabid dogs is an utterly and completely appropriate response to head-up-the-ass syndrome.

We had to send rabid dogs after the jewelers who failed to size my mom's wedding ring in time for her HS reunion at the White House because their ONE ring sizing guy was on vacation and couldn't get it done ONE frickin' day early WHICH she was ready to pay extra for and then found another jeweler in her own smaller town who could do the job immediately for less money. I mean, come on! How bad do they suck?!

Note: those jewlers don't suck any less than they did before they got their faces eaten off... I don't feel sorry for them one bit.

2:48 AM  
Blogger Mahala said...


A pack of rabid dogs is letting them off easy.

4:41 PM  
Blogger sari said...

oh for the love of Pete, under warranty is free of course. I am so frazzled lately I don't know who the hell I am or what I'm saying, forgive me! ha ha

5:09 AM  
Blogger Eva said...

[Hopped over from Gimme Patience - Hi!]

Nothing gets a consumer some satisfactory results quite like some wild, rabid dogs.

5:49 AM  

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