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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Auf Wiedersehen, Lottie!

Lottie, my sock monkey, is on her way to the U.S. To the grand mid-west, actually.

My lovely friend, Lisa, has been in love with Lottie since I got her. Perhaps it's more accurate to say that Lisa's in love with the idea of Lottie since she's never actually seen her but that alone is good enough. And as we both love the idea of Lottie being a well traveled little sock monkey, Lottie will be having a little vacation with Lisa and her family. So via Deutsche Post (hey, I'm not springing for Lufthansa for a sock monkey), Lottie is now winging her way west and should arrive within a week or ten days. I sent her airmail so she had better arrive then!

Once she's there Lisa will be taking her to all the groovy spots that Lottie deserves to see - most importanly Lisa wonderful home - and snapping pictures of her visit so that I may use them to chronical Lottie's world adventures on the Internet.

I'm excited about this and yet at the same time a little sad. I'm going to miss my little ruby lipped buddy while she's gone but I know she'll be in good hands and will be back home with me before too long. And I trust Lisa with my life so why wouldn't I trust her with a $15 sock monkey dressed in a brown and red plaid dress?

I told B of our plan and why I was shoving Lottie into a box and he had to bite his tongue. He thinks that while it's not all that weird to name and dress a sock money, shipping it overseas so that it can visit someone and have pictures made is more than just a little off the wall. I said to him "You do indulge us, don't you?" and he replied, "Do I actually have a choice?".



Blogger BarefootCajun said...

Hang in there, B. E makes those same funny faces here. Thank God y'all love us enough to put up with our insanity.

I'm still hoping that Lottie can make a side trip to Louisiana so I can take her to pass a good time. It will all depend on her schedule in the Midwest with L.

1:42 AM  
Blogger Dixie said...

Hey, I have no objection to Lottie making a side trip south!

11:34 PM  
Anonymous Miz said...

Picture of Lottie?

8:40 AM  

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