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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Good Day Sunshine

Thank God and all his blessed angels. I must be holding my mouth right because we've had actual sunny, clear, bluest-sky-I've-ever-seen weather for the past couple days. We hit April and hit the weather jackpot. Sure it's still a bit nippy outside - we're in Germany, after all, and so our springs tend to spring quite late but in the sunshine it's glorious. Can walk around with an unbuttoned jacket sort of glorious. This could not arrive at a better time. I was so sick to death of cloudy, cold, windy, miserable weather that I could have just buried myself under the blankets and never peeked out again.

Of course as it's April and we're in Germany we can't count on fabulous weather to stay. True fabulous weather doesn't come to stay until June. Until then we'll spend April with the weather having more personalities than the love child of Sybil and the Three Faces of Eve and then May will teeter between being chilly and blazing but at least it usually stays dry.

I have just spent two paragraphs writing about the weather. I have hit blogging rock bottom with my choice of topics but I'm trying not to stray onto the topic of my shitheel neighbors upstairs. I really just don't want to go into the hell they're creating. Suffice it to say that it got so bad this morning that B actually screamed towards the ceiling for them to shut up. Let's keep in mind that B is a quadriplegic and it's virtually impossible for him to scream, let alone the fact that he's normally so easy going that you couldn't ruffle his feathers if you bashed him in the head with an iron skillet. I gotta say thought that this morning's effort was impressive. He scared the wee outta me.

Enough of dwelling on those freaks for today. I can't let them control my every waking moment.

Instead I'll end with something more important and of bigger concern to the world - the passing of Pope John Paul II. I'm not a Roman Catholic but I think that regardless of one's faith or even lack of faith, it can be recognized that the world has lost a compassionate humanitarian. Was he perfect? No one is. Did he have contradictions in his viewpoints? I believe he did and in a way it comforts me because I too have contradictions in my own viewpoints. I'm not keeping bad company when it's something we both did. But regardless of the faults one may find in him, he was still a kind man who taught the world a lot about forging ties with those who come from a different perspective and belief system and he taught the world a lot about forgiveness.

May he rest well in the arms of Jesus.


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