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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Empty headed

I don't have a thing to say. My mind feels so empty and numb and nothing that flits across my mind is enough to assemble into a coherent thought.

I'm still just so heartbroken about Ginni's passing. Those she's left behind are missing her so much and it just doesn't seem fair to have her pass when she's still so young. She didn't even get to see her kids fully raised.

I say it over and over. You don't get over this sort of thing. You can only get through it.

I'll be upset and disoriented and the rest of the things that happen in the world will seem trivial for a while and then, before I know it, I'll be eased right into regular life again. All I have to do it just keep moving forward and get through it.

Sometimes you simply just have to keep doing regular stuff in life even though your heart and mind aren't fully engaged with it. You just do what needs to be done and after a while you realize that you're getting through it. So I'm going to start with the getting through it.

But I'll start tomorrow. Being empty headed can last for one more day.


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