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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Keeping distracted

It's Tuesday and the return Bayern-München vs. Chelsea game is on TV. I am trying to remain calm and serene while this game is on and so to distract myself from turning into a edge-of-my-seat nail biter I'll just occupy my mind with the little random thoughts that flit in and out of my head.

1. Today it hit me that come June it will be 25 years since my high school graduation. When did the time creep up on me like this? I still feel young. It doesn't seem like it's been so long since I was in high school. Now I realize that the number of years since my graduation could have enabled me to go through all of school again. Twice. With an extra year leftover that I could use for a repeat of kindergarten.

2. I miss Mississippi. It's April and I love Mississippi in April. It's just before the weather turns into something from Dante's Inferno and everything is blooming. And I just miss the way things are there. Miss the familiarity of it all. I love being in Germany but it doesn't fill that Mississippi shaped hole in my heart.

3. I've been working on this scarf I'm doing in moss stitch for over a week now and it's nearly finished. It probably would be finished were it not due to my obsession with Sacred. It looks great though. Moss stitch looks so groovy anyway and the yarn I'm using - just a poly/wool blend, actually - knits up so easy and is soft and comfy feeling. I think I'm going to next do a keyhole scarf again but do it in moss stitch instead of a rib.

4. M's at home sick with mono. She was diagnosed last week after having been sick since before Easter. This is when I hate living thousands of miles away from her. I just wish I could be there to help her so she could get the rest she needs.

5. I haven't exercised in a week. And it's showing up in my blood sugar monitoring. I suck.

6. Chelsea's currently leading Bayern by a goal. I don't want to talk about it. It's time for my boyfriend, Claudio Pizarro to make a goal. Actually to make three goals.

7. My boyfriend just made a goal. I love him and wish to have his babies.

8. I can't actually have babies but if he make two more goals and Bayern wins I'll find a way to pull it off.

9. I seriously have a jonesing for a lemon muffin. I have five of them just sitting in my kitchen. Now I shall contemplate the blood sugar reading I just took and resist temptation a little more easily.

10. Bet a cup of tea would be brilliant with one of those lemon muffins...

11. I would give up lemon muffins for life if my boyfriend or one of my boyfriend's friends would just score two more goals.

12. I'm guessing number 11 will be easier to pull off than number 8.


Blogger beege said...

What's a "moss stitch"? I've never heard of it, but it sounds do you do it?

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