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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Pardon my drama

I'll try not to goo out too much on the floor. No one likes to clean up after someone's overflow of drama.

Still it's seems a little tacky to talk about my little day filled with my little day doings when my mind is with my fellow Mississippians and those in Louisiana and Alabama and Florida who are trying to merely survive from one hour to the next.

I'll sum up my day briefly. Overslept a half hour. Tried not to melt in the heat and humidity. Screwed up my Aibhlinn cowl (later fixed by my MIL). Got Wavy put on the needles for Mollie and got 30 rows of the first round knitted. Hung out of my balcony and kitchen window both to scream at some Nazis.

You're going to want me to explain that last one, right?

New parliamentary elections are being held in Germany in less than three weeks and the campaign crap has started. There is a particular party here on the ballot here and I'll not mince words about them. They're Nazis. I'm not going to mention the party by name because I don't want this blog coming up if someone Googles them. They don't go by the name Nazis but you can call them anything but late to dinner and they'd still be Nazis and everyone knows it. I've been known to attend their marches to scream at them. Sure, they can exercise their free speech with their march and I'll exercise my free speech by calling them the Nazi fucks that they are.

Anyway a small pick-up truck with a PA system blaring Wagner's Walkyria (an Adolph favorite) was making it's way slowly down the street with pauses made to shout their campaign message (read: bullshit) while their bald headed party members rode in the bed of the truck.

First, they pissed my ass off disturbing my peace with that music blaring. Second, their campaign message is most offensive to me (they seem to not approve of us foreign types). Third, they're fucking Nazis!!!

So I did what any pissed off foreign type would do. I stood on my balcony and shouted as loud as I could "Nazis raus!" (Get out Nazis!). They looked to see where the shouting was coming from and I saw a couple point to me while smirking. I gave them the finger and shouted more. And then when they drove to the front of my building I hung out the window and screamed "Nazis! Nazis! Nazis!" over and over. They saw me again (I was much closer to them this time around) and as they smiled and waved to me I screamed my guts out and and flipped them off.

I'm half expecting to have a rock or a molatov cocktail thrown through my window in the middle of the night but it's worth it to let them know that there's at least one person they have no chance of fooling with their horse shit. And B was proud of me too. He doesn't normally go for scene-making but this time was definitely the exception.

And all of this stuff - all of this hate floating around - seems so pointless when put up next to the complete misery going on in Louisiana and Mississippi. I think at this point those people would take help from anyone - the US government, Nazis, hell even Satan himself. And of course that's often how Nazis and Satan himself gets recruits - coming in when people are at their lowest and weakest and believing in whoever feeds their needs. I'm not saying that actual Nazis will move into gulf coast - I'm saying that those who want to recruit supporters for their shit deeds will have an easier time because the people are at the end of their rope.

It's a horror to see these people suffer before our eyes. We're not used to seeing the dying on our TVs. I mean we're not used to it if the victims are Americans - we're plenty used to seeing dying Africans. And what we're seeing is a lot like what we've seen in places like Somalia because the situation is a lot like that. Desperate people with nothing and so far the ones in charge are the ones with guns. I'll quote myself from another website:
We may be seeing Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest put into action. And
unfortunately in this case the fittest carries a 9mm pistol fully loaded with
ammunition plundered from the Walmart and isn't afraid to use it.

And when we do get National Guard troops in there, they're going to see some shit like what we encountered in Somalia. Those with guns are going to be the ones in charge and it's going to take those troops showing them their guns are bigger and better before we see any order restored. Even then they won't be able to control it all.

New Orleans and surrounding areas isn't going to be the same place anymore, I'm afraid. It's going to be a refuge for the lawless and the poor are going to be stuck there. I'm not even sure if the city can be rebuilt into something resembling a normal city - not after God knows what sort of chemicals have leeched into the ground. It may be a chemical cesspool and the poor will be stuck there.

I hope this is just my flair for the overdramatic talking.


Blogger Romani Heart said...

The visual of your tempered display against the Nazi-like party there gives me the urge to stand and applaud, only that I'm home alone and I'd feel a bit foolish standing and clapping madly in front of my monitor. Hatred is everywhere, it will never go away. It takes people like you with the courage to stand and be heard to at least keep it beaten back to a tolerable distance. My heart bleeds for the gulf coast residents. I don't use phrases like that likely, they sound a bit drama-queenish.. but it's the only way to describe how I feel.

11:49 PM  
Blogger It's Me, Maven... said...

Not a lot of folks understand the how or the why of why Nuremburg was chosen for the war crimes tribunal after WWII. Nuremburg is the "seat" of nazi-ism in Germany. In the 1990s, my WASband went to Hoehenfelz (sp?) on a military maneuver and came back with tales of how blatant the nazis were, and how they still had a presence there.

12:12 AM  
Blogger Dixie said...

Actually Nürnburg was chosen because they had a functioning courtroom and holding cells for those on trial. Facists could and can be found all over Germany, not just in Bavaria. They can be found all over the US too.

1:29 AM  
Blogger still life said...

Dixie, i only wish that i thought you were being dramatic. Thank god for the safety of your family.
I gotta admire a girl who screams at nazis from the window...cheers.

3:19 AM  

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