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Friday, December 09, 2005

The small and gritty pieces

Nothing of particular significance to report today so you'll just have to settle for the crumbs I'm proffering.
  1. My MIL moved to her new apartment today so after a couple more trips to the old place to fetch a few things I'll never have to go in that shithole where our old apartments were located ever again. And I understand from our former neighbors that the Loud Family is worse than ever. Happy eviction proceedings!
  2. Recently seen at the Christmas market: one young man with long, long dark blonde dredlocks in the company of another young man sporting a dark blonde, massive Angela Davis afro. One was eating Schmalzkuchen, the other cotton candy. You can be a rebel but never lose your inner child.
  3. The rest of the unpacking will commence this weekend without fail! All shall be unpacked and the boxes ready to be removed by Wednesday as that's the day Kitchen Dude is coming to finish installing the overhead cabinets and he can take the empty cartons with him when he leaves. I know I've been promising to finish this unpacking for three weeks now but this time I'm serious!
  4. When I called my MIL this afternoon around 3:30 she said that she'd finished unpacking fifteen boxes and would be finished with all her unpacking by Monday as that's the day she told the moving company to pick up her empty cartons. You know, she's making me look bad.
  5. I've called Fujitsu/Siemens to get my computer repaired and we came to the conclusion that the harddrive is crapping out. I'll get a call from the repairman next week for him to come change it out. No, I did not describe the noise it makes as "tokytokytokytoky". I know you were counting on me doing that.
  6. While I'm unpacking I hope I can find the receipt for the sofa and chair I bought in November. They still haven't called to give me a delivery date and I'm half afraid there's not an order in for it. Can't wait to celebrate Christmas sitting on kitchen chairs!


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