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Monday, September 08, 2008

In Twitter-like Bursts

Here's all that's been going on for the past couple days:

I finished a pair of baby socks for Darling Mollie's sister's baby.
I started a new pair of baby socks for the same baby.
Second pair of baby socks required me to learn how to do a picot hem.
You don't know what a picot hem is?
I didn't either until I made it.
That was some fiddly-ass shit to do.
Turned out cute though.
Started to watch a couple movies.
Got bored with both of them and stopped watching them after twenty minutes.
Ordered new panties.
Did laundry.
And laundry.
And laundry.
And it's still not all done.
Ate four tomato sandwiches.
Not at once.
Wished my friend, Lisa, was here to give me a pedicure.
French braided my hair over and over until my arms gave out.
Found out what a Hair Scroo is.
Decided that I must have some.
Cleaned my jewelry.
Played Hearts on my computer.
Had an old lady tell me I smell good.

It's not all that happened but a good cross section of events anyway.



Blogger Marshamlow said...

That was a good cross section. Hope your day is good.

2:31 PM  
Blogger sari said...

I love it, an old lady told you you smelled good!

I got some dish soap a while back - it was cucumber melon or something like that, but it totally reminded me of my grandma, I loved it!!

PS If I had a hair scroo I'd probably put out my eye. Or one of my kids' eyes, for sure.

11:25 PM  

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