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Monday, March 21, 2005

On my very last nerve

You won't get much out of me today. Not only do I not have much to say but I'm about to take this piece of shit keyboard and throw it off my balcony.

I'm using B's computer today (if he's not online I have to use his because his computer has the internet cable connection) and last week he got a new wireless keyboard. He had one bought about a year ago, a black one, and the white print began to wear off the keys. He uses a pencil eraser on the keyboard so I guess he literally erased the print.

A month ago he bought the same keyboard on Ebay from a company for a super cheap price and we know why it was super cheap. The space bar sucked and only worked if you banged it down.

So we bought a third for about $25 and this one is the biggest piece of shit of all. I can hardly type a word without it skipping letters, not spacing correctly, and generally driving me up the wall. B doesn't have quite the same hard time because he doesn't type with fingers but I spend the evening getting more and more pissed off with it.

Yes I could buy a new one but we may buy a new compter soon and we'll see what we get with that first. In the meantime when I use his computer I try to keep the typing to a minimum.

I'll leave you now. In just this short posting I've made roughly the same amount of keystrokes as I would had I been typing out the complete works of William Shakespeare. And my blood pressure can't stand anything more.

I'm going tomorrow to look for a new kitchen. I'll report back how it goes. Using another bloody keyboard!


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