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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Come and Gone

The day before Christmas Eve my MIL arrived out of breath to report that the elevator wasn't working - it was stuck on the first floor with the door partially open. I live on the second floor, which in my building means I'm actually up on the fourth floor since there are shops and offices in the lower part of the building. Certainly a time to be thankful that we don't live on the seventh floor.

Since one can't be sure that the elevator failure has been reported B called the emergency number and was told that it had indeed be reported and they'd get someone out there to fix the elevator right after the Christmas holidays - in other words, Wednesday. B thanked them, hung up and reported to me what he'd been told.

You know B's been a quadriplegic for over twenty-three years now. You'd think he'd remember that tiny detail. You think he'd really remember it when he's reporting a broken elevator. I couldn't believe he just swallowed waiting until Wednesday for a repair of the one thing he definitely needs should he need to get outside. The one time it's okay for him to play the cripple card and he doesn't mention it.

My rather vocal protest encouraged him to call the emergency repair number back and they said they'd have to check to see if it would be okay for them to come out the same day since it involved a handicapped person being in the building (meaning they would have to see if the rental company would pay extra) and a short while later the repair dispatch called back to say they'd send out someone as soon as they could. Two hours later we had a working elevator.

And that's why I didn't have to drag boxes and bags and crates of Christmas stuff from my MIL's apartment to my apartment via a whole lot of stairs. And that's why the rest of the building didn't either. Yay for my rather vocal protests.

The rest of the holidays were as I expected. The apartment looked lovely, the food was delicious, B's aunt was obnoxious and his uncle was boring. We got some nice gifts, the packages from my family didn't arrive in time for Christmas and everyone and their dog has called us.

All in all it's been a good Christmas. And I can now play with my new laptop computer with no feelings of guilt.

But I wish the Christmas market was still around. At least the fish.



Blogger The Lone Beader® said...

I hate it when the elevator breaks down. At least you weren't stuck inside!! Anyways, I hope you had a very happy Christmas. Cheers from Boston=:)

1:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Impressive courage on the vocal protest. I would've hunkered down and suffered until Wednesday, milktoasty being that I am.

You telling about B's aunt reminds me of this woman who came to a friend of G's birthday parties - a non-mutual friend of theirs. She was married and came with her husband, and both of them seemed to boldly march across the liquor line into a-little-too-much-ville on a regular basis. The more they'd drink the quieter he'd get and the less clothed and more bold she'd get.

The first time I ever met her she was wearing a mini and flashed me. Our relationship went steeply downhill after that. Rather than be faced with her antics I've spent a goodly amount of my time at the parties she attends communing with nature on a cold balcony. Point being, this way or that there's always one who must be 'survived'. I guess they serve to keep us on our toes. :)

7:30 AM  
Blogger sari said...

I didn't get a laptop, sigh.

But I did get a great Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie which we're all enjoying.

Bad Mommy. ;-)

5:17 PM  

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