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Monday, May 14, 2007

Dotty Roundup

More and more I'm having to rely on the bulleted list. You've noticed too, haven't you?

Well at least you're already expecting it. Here goes!

  • Let's Dance, the German version of Dancing with the Stars starts tonight. I cannot abide the German version of American Idol which, thankfully, has ended for this season, but I love me some dancing C-list celebrities.

  • I can't be living the same horror again. We moved to this apartment because we had to flee from loud ass neighbors that disturbed us. Now I have neighbors above me with kids that practice their piano all the time. I'm trying to be a good sport about it. I don't say anything to them even though they play at 8:30am on weekends. I don't say anything even though they play the same. six. songs. all. the. time. Badly. You'd think with all that practice they'd get better. It's driving me crazy but I don't want to be the cranky, bitchy neighbors.

    And then today my doorbell rang and it was one of our neighbors that lives on the 5th or 6th floor. He'd rung at the wrong apartment - he was looking for the piano players. I told him they're up on the 3rd floor and he went on to tell me that the piano is making his family nuts and his little ones can't nap in the afternoons. I could have kissed him when he mentioned he can't stand the early-on-weekends playing either. He went up to them and said something to someone and we had quiet for a while but it cranked up this evening around 8:30 and went on until almost 9:00 when I finally did one of those shrill whistles that can be heard a block away.

    I can't bear moving again.

  • I'm gearing up for a battle between my MIL and Aunt Annoying over Uncle Milquetoast's birthday party. Aunt Annoying wants my MIL to spend the night. My MIL told us she'll see Aunt Annoying in hell first. I'm of the idea that a visit to Aunt Annoying and Uncle Milquetoast's house is akin to being in hell.

  • I'm re-reading the Harry Potter series in anticipation of the last book coming out. I'm sometimes amazed that I became such a fan of these books (and the films as well) because I'm normally a rather anti-hype sort. If everyone else likes it I probably won't. Still I caved in and started the series when the fifth book was published and was sucked in a way I haven't experienced since I was a kid reading the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. When that seventh book is released, I'm going underground until I've finished reading it.

    And for the record, as much as I liked the Little House books, I detested that TV show.

  • You're off the hook for knitting talk tomorrow. Nothing new started, nothing old finished. However, I can't guarantee that you're off the hook from another bulleted list.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Living in an apartment, you have a far higher likelihood of being annoyed by your neighbors. Out in the country, the likelihood is less that you'll be annoyed at all... but if you are, it's a much bigger annoyance.

OUR new neighbors spend the ENTIRE weekend (the only time I'm freakin' HOME), sun freakin' UP to sun freakin' DOWN (and frequently well past that!) riding 4-wheelers. Their "track" loops around so close to the outer wall of my room that at one point their engines are less than 6-feet from where my bed is. Doesn't matter that there are two walls, closet space and a fence in between, they might just as well be riding those cursed things INSIDE my skull.

The sound of 4-wheeler engines inspires a loathing in me so raging hot... I'd describe it as... murderous. Especially at 10:30 at night. The ONLY reason... excuse me... the MAIN reason I haven't already killed these kids is because they're teenagers and as such, sleep late. So they're noisy-ass asses aren't annoying me at the crack of dawn. And for the record the other thing holding me back is that the owners of the property (ostensibly the parents of these HORRIBLE, UNIMAGINATIVE, STUPID, DULL children) are lawyers.

However, I have SERIOUSLY considered sneaking over there during the daylight hours in the middle of the week to pour sugar into the gas tanks of those 4-wheelers. I also want to sneak into their house and infect their bedding with hideous genital dwelling vermin.

Your poor MIL. Why does Aunt Annoying have any say so at all over where she spends the night? I think your MIL should tell her to piss off and she has her own home to sleep in!

I am also in a lather of anticipation over the last Harry Potter book. I've already ordered it, Amazon has PROMISED me it will be in my hot little hand the very DAY it is released. The thought of which makes my butt do the happy dance right in this chair. Although, I read somewhere that yet another main character dies and that fills me dread. I wasn't expecting Dumbledore and when Fawkes went and cried over the memorial service I sobbed like a baby. Although I'm not sure I believe Dumbledore is really dead. My theory is that Harry himself is the last horcrux and that whether or not Dumbledore is really dead depends on whether or not Snape really is a bad guy. Which I am utterly unable to come to any conclusion about at this time.

I also can't wait for the next movie. Yeehee!

3:40 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Love your blog. Love the content, the writing, the bulleted lists, the haikus and the honesty. Keep up the great work!

4:15 AM  
Blogger Marshamlow said...

I love your blog too especially the bullet lists. I sure do hope your annoyed neighbor is able to silence your new loud bad piano playing neighbor so you don't have to be the bitch. Piano playing in an apartment is just rude. They should use a keyboard with an ear piece or with the volumn down.

4:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your MIL is so cool. Probably where B gets it, don't you think?

Yeah, I chatted with Molls a bit today, reminded me I need to score some more points with B. I mean I ADORE Mollie beyond words, B just a tad more. :)

5:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last 'Deutschland Sucht (somethin'-somethin') Superstar' I watched, I cried when it ended. Not because the show was over, but the finale was so sweet! It was the one with the 'Chin Devil', where the one contestant asked his girlfriend to marry him on the show and she said 'yes'. That was some of the best television I've seen in a long time, here or there. I didn't watch the next couple so I can't say if they're as good, but the German version of the topmodel show seems pretty interesting. It's the only time I can feel truly sorry for young, beautiful women. I saw a few episodes of the American topmodel show and it wasn't near as good because the women were this close to obnoxious.

Re: the piano playing neighbor, when/if you do speak to them, inquire if the piano is electric or regular. We have an electric upright one like is used on stage in concerts, and it comes with headphones. This is one of the major reasons I chose it. If they have a regular one, though, there's little to be done about the noise. Maybe you can all sit down and work out a schedule for when it would be easiest for everyone for the child to practice. That'd be good for the kid, too, as she'd have a regular practice time and it'd teach her discipline, which is one big reason the parents enrolled her in piano lessons, I bet.

Your Aunt Annoying sounds pretty overbearing. You and your sweet MIL have my deepest sympathies.

I can't wait for the next Harry Potter either! It makes me feel so much better knowing there are other adults as addicted to it as I am. I've got six of them on audiobook and have just finished re-listening in anticipation of book seven. When I get to the part where Dumbledore dies in book six, and the funeral, it always makes me cry, too. I trust Dumbledore and I just can't believe he was wrong about Snape. He's so tight-lipped with the info I'm sure there's something going on behind the scenes we're not privy to yet. Either Dumbledore's alive or... I dunno, just something!

I don't want Harry to die although I know it would be the easiest to arrange. I mean, he's the only one who has no family left and now he's given Ginny up he has no attachments. Still, TitanKT's comment that he's the last horcrux is horrible to think about. Brilliant thinking TitanKT! But I hope not.

With the expected demand for this last book I seriously doubt Amazon will be able to get the pre-orders out the same day it's published. I didn't pre-order for that reason and hope our local Mayersche will come through for me. They always have a pretty large display whenever a new Harry Potter comes out.

9:50 AM  
Blogger zoe xx said...

I'm with you on the Little House on the Prairie books/TV dichotomy. Ugh those saccharine children on the telly, plus they didn't use the real stories. Love me some Little House, I think I need to rebuy myself the whole set and re-read.

Not so much about the Harry Potter - it's fine, but I won't be killing myself to get it read on July 12th or whenever it is...

11:13 AM  
Blogger Dixie said...

Katy - Whoa! You do have to put up with noise annoyance too, don't you? My sister has the same problem. She's way out in the sticks and hears four wheelers on her property a lot.

I pre-ordered the last Harry Potter book and it was delivered the day it was released. And I cried like a fool when Dumbledore died.

Jessica - Thanks for reading and thanks for the sweet compliments! Hope you'll return often!

Marsha - I almost think they have a standard piano. Not sure though. When I see them I always just say hello and chicken out mentioning the piano.

pkb - I'm convinced that B is the way he is because of his mom. She's a gem.

Lisa - I didn't watch DSDS this season because I just couldn't give a crap about any of the contestants. I dig Let's Dance though.

Like I said earlier I ordered HP 6 from Amazon and it was delivered on the day it was released. I was thinking that I'll just go buy the book in a store but if I can't get out of the house that day then I'll be chapped so I may go ahead and pre-order HP 7 and be done with it. I know I'm going to cry no matter what happens in the book.

Zoe - Thank goodness someone else agrees that TV ruined Little House!

10:00 PM  

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