Dixie Peach: Thursday Haiku

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Haiku

The week's nearly over so let's not break form now. It's Thursday, it's haiku. Let's go.

Holiday today
Bakery's closed, eat pancakes!
Bacon on the side.

See you scratch your head
"What holiday?" you ask me
It's Ascension Day.

"That's a holiday?"
It is here. We're no heathens!
It's Father's Day too.

Fish sticks for supper
Eat them with lots of ketchup
Rush back to childhood.

I'm convinced of this
When the world eats more fish sticks
We'll have fewer wars.

Guests come on weekend
Dust! Mop! Iron tablecloth!
Hide junk in closets.

Baking butter cake
Fluffy soft, drenched in butter
Arteries say "Stop!".

Shuffle tomorrow
Bixente kicks out good tunes
Wear your dancing shoes!



Blogger Unknown said...

Love the guests portion.
We're having guests soon too.
Need to do the same.

5:22 AM  

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