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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New Shape, Same Great Taste!

Now, now, you don't want the same old same do you? Another bulleted list? Another set of dots? Of course you don't.

We're gonna use tildes today! Break out the party hats!

~ Dear You know I love you dearly. You know I spend lots and lots of money with you. And I know you can't control what UPS or any other delivery service will do, especially when you're shipping overseas but I want my books. You told me that you estimate that my books would be delivered between May 5th and May 16th and they're not here yet. Please tell me they'll be here tomorrow. I have two knitting books in that order. Sock knitting books. I need new sock patterns, dammit! Send me my effin books!

Thank you. Smooches!

~ More from Aunt Annoying. She wanted my MIL to come out last Sunday to have coffee and cake with her and Uncle Milquetoast since my MIL's cousin, Ruth, and her husband, Walter, would be there - they won't be able to attend the Uncle Milquetoast birthday party. Anyway my MIL begged off saying that since we were having a lot of stormy weather she didn't want to be out in it. Yesterday Ruth reported to my MIL that Aunt Annoying got pissed and complained to Ruth and Walter that my MIL just doesn't want to keep a connection to the piece of shit backwater town quaint village of her birth. Let me pause to say that my MIL moved from POS Backwater Town when she was 20 years old. She's 73 now. I think that connection was lost long ago. Anyway, Aunt Annoying blathered on about how my MIL won't go out there and that she was sure that my MIL could get me to drive her out there for a few hours and blah, blah, blah and finally Walter said "You know, it's very windy and stormy with hail and and heavy rain expected. Do you not understand how dangerous that is for Margot and Kim to be on the road together in weather like that? What would happen to B if something happened to them?" Boy, that shut up Aunt Annoying right quick. She didn't make another peep on that topic.

~ Remember a couple weeks ago when I said that I had a dream that ZZ Top was filming a video outside of my apartment? Today while walking to the bakery I saw a poster advertising ZZ Top in concert in Leipzig in June. Dang. I'm like Jeane Dixon!

~ I have seen 11:11 a lot lately. Ever since Paula passed away on May 4th. I can't help think that means something. I've been trying a lot lately to put some meaning in Paula's death - to take something from it and learn something from it - because I can't stand the idea of someone 41 years old passing away and it not meaning something.

~ I'm very behind on my knitting. Not-so-secret-secret-project? Haven't touched it in a week. And I'm still working on the caramel colored pair of Jaywalker socks. I may need someone to threaten me to get my ass in gear.

~ Perhaps the same person or persons disciplining me on my knitting could take moment and give me a stern reminder that just because the words "diet" and "sugar-free" are written on a can of whipped cream it doesn't give me license to put the nozzle in my mouth and fill my mouth with it. Repeatedly.

That's all for today. Hope that I get more writing inspiration soon before I have to start using the °s or the *s.

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Blogger sari said...

Oh for the love of Pete! There is no other way to eat whipped cream than straight out of the can.

Don't feel badly about *that*! Even Eight would agree with me! ;-)

2:14 AM  
Blogger sari said...

On a more serious note..I am sorry about Paula. I don't know how I missed your previous post on her.

I hate that things like cancer can't be beaten in every case. I wish there was something more that could be done, but it sounds like your lovely 35,000 stitches helped.

2:17 AM  
Blogger Marsha said...

Diet, sugar free whipped cream is better than the 20 cookies I have eaten in the last 12 hours. It is all relative. I did not know Paula, I can feel your love for her and see what a great person she was. The injustice of an early death is a hard one to wrap my mind around. I am sending good wishes and Internet love from Mississippi. For me the people I have met via the Internet, people like you, give me a sense of peace and well being. There are so many lovely, kind people in this world.

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot believe someone actually shut up Aunt Annoying - aka "The Old Bat".



4:43 PM  

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