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Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Two Boyfriends

Franck Ribéry and Luca Toni. They're competing to be the sole owner of my heart and so they made this video for me.

Tell me that's not love.


Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Shuffle - Let's Make This Snappy Edition

We're gonna just hit the highlights and commence to shuffling because I'm worn out. And I need an ice cream sandwich.
  • I bought a new pair of sandals today. This is a monumental occasion because I hate buying shoes but the only sandals I had were literally falling apart. Well, I do have one other pair but they're a flip-flop type and when I get off of streetcars I'm always afraid I'm going to kick it off. I live across the street from a shoe store that specializes in people with weird feet (very small feet or very long feet - in my case it's having a very high instep) so I blew it, pointed out a pair to the sales lady, told her I wear a 38, tried 'em on, flipped her my debit card and got the hell out of there. I'll bet I wasn't in that store ten minutes. I'll bet I wasn't in there eight minutes.

  • It's Darling Mollie's birthday. I hope this birthday will be the beginning of a new life year for her that's filled with nothing but wonderful things. She deserves every fabulous thing in the world. I cannot tell you how much I absolutely adore her.

  • I'm so disappointed in my new cell phone. It's still adorable and all but the battery sucks. For the first couple weeks I had it everything was fine. Yesterday I unplugged it after it had recharged and all looked fine, then in the afternoon I looked at it and the battery was half empty and by evening it was only about a quarter full. This morning the battery was nearly empty so I let it charge again. Two hours after I removed it from the charger it was back down to being half full. Folks, it's not like I'm talking on it for hours every day. I've used it to talk three times since I've had it. All it does is sit in stand-by. Right now it's 1/3 full and it's been less than 9 hours since I took it off the charger. Couldn't it be cute and still not suck?

  • Norbert's funeral was this morning. It was sad. And crowded. It was nice to see that so many cared about Norbert that they wanted to pay their respects in person. After the burial, Norbert's family and friends were gathering at the restaurant that's next to the cemetery but I begged off because I had to get home to B. As a sort of weird aside, the name of the restaurant is Der Totenkopf (Death's Head). Isn't that so bizarre to name a restaurant Death's Head? I mean I know it's next to a cemetery and all but come on! But B told me it's been there forever - he can't remember a time when it wasn't there - and he says that's always been the name of it. It's now actually owned by the mortuary that's there by the cemetery. And in a weird sort of...I dunno...irony perhaps, Der Totenkopf is where B first met Holger when they were teenagers when they had dances there. Years later, by a tragic coincidence, B and Holger were roommates in the rehab hospital after they both had accidents that injured their spinal cords - at that time it was the only spinal rehab hospital in the state. And who else was Holger? Norbert's elder son. That's how B's mom and dad and Norbert and his wife became friends - they both had sons in the same rehab hospital and since they all lived in the same city they'd drive down together each weekend to visit B and Holger. Our families have stayed close over the 25 years since their accidents.

  • Online mah jong is becoming like crack to me.

  • If I don't finish the pair of socks I'm working on within the next 24 hours not only am I going to scream but I won't get credit in the jillion sock knit-alongs I belong to and if I don't get my credit, I'm gonna be cranky. And twitchy. I hate failing at stuff like that. Of course if I'd lay off the online mah jong a little bit I wouldn't be under the gun like this.
Let's get on to shuffling. Maybe then I can complete some of the sixty rounds I've got left on this sock.
  1. Jessica - Allman Brothers Band
  2. I Don't Even Know Your Name - The Mavericks (oh the tasty, tasty Raul Malo)
  3. Put It Behind You - Keane
  4. Stand - REM
  5. Alle Möbel Verruckt - Roger Cicero
  6. Hold On Loosely - .38 Special
  7. Mr. Brown - Glow
  8. Cartouche - Blackmore's Night
  9. Callin' Baton Rouge - Garth Brooks
  10. Kickstart My Heart - Mötley Crüe (Bixente the iPod seems to know it's Darling Mollie's birthday)


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Breathe Deep

Right now in my apartment it smells like warm banana bread, watermelon, fabric softener, tea and furniture polish and if you get closer to me you can detect the scent of Nivea cream.

Scent triggered memories is just one of the many services I provide on this blog.


Monday, May 26, 2008

Think Twice

My watermelon? My dollar a pound watermelon? Excellent. To paraphrase a line said by John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, I don't know if it was worth twelve dollars but it was pretty effing good.

When I mentioned putting salt on a watermelon I was thinking about how folks are often split on the idea of salt on a melon. Some, like me, swear by putting a bit of salt on a melon and other liken salt on a melon to pouring ketchup on a hot fudge sundae. To prove my point that salt on a melon helps bring out the sweetness I wanted to link to a video of Petey Greene eating a watermelon on his TV show.

If you lived in the Washington, DC area during the late 70s and 80s like I did you've probably heard of Petey Greene. He was a radio and TV personality and I used to watch his show, Petey Greene's Washington. I used to think I was the only one who watched it until I found out a lot of my friends would watch him each week because this guy was absolutely fascinating. He talked about all sorts of stuff, sometimes in a really over-the-top way. He absolutely unique. So different than regular stiffs clogging up the local TV stations at that time.

Anyway, I knew there was a video clip of Petey Greene eating watermelon on his show because I had found it months ago when I was trying to find clips of his TV show. And I knew on that clip he mentions how putting a little salt on melon (a "twang" was how it was put to him) is the proper way to enjoy it so I was going to link to it when I mentioned my outrageously priced melon last week. Then I hesitated and finally stopped myself from using it. I had a fear of me, white woman from Mississippi, putting a clip of an African-American man on TV eating watermelon and having it misinterpreted. All I could think of was someone seeing that clip linked on my blog and someone becoming upset over it. Especially since he says the n-word four or five times during the clip. In these times where the American presidential primary season has brought race back into the headlines and figures like Jeremiah Wright being pilloried in the media for what was seen as bigoted remarks made by him I was worried about my motivations being called into question. I feared that someone would think I was mocking Petey Greene or mocking African-Americans in general and not getting the point of the clip.

Then I realized I was the one not getting the point of the video clip. I'd seen it a dozen times at least. I probably saw it when it originally aired. In the clip he cuts into a halved watermelon and just bites into it, juice dripping onto his chin and the whole works. Petey Greene then goes on to say how it irks him for African-Americans to be in the closet with their watermelon eating. To make it seem more acceptable they cut it up, mix it with other fruit and serve it as a fruit salad, which to Petey Greene was a shame since it ruined something that was great on its own to start with. Petey Greene was all about being up front with watermelon eating - just cut off a wedge and bite into it.

His point wasn't so much the melon but how we do things or don't do thing merely out of fear of how we'll be perceived, much in the way I didn't link to the video clip because of fear of how I'd be perceived. The African-Americans he was irritated with chopped up their melons and mixed them up as a salad so they wouldn't look like the stereotype of blacks eating watermelons. The white folks were he was attending a party didn't have to worry about such an appearance so they simply served slices of watermelon. To Petey Greene doing something that wasn't the best thing to do just for sake of appearances alone was something one should think twice about. And that was what I really dug about him and his show when I watched it. His way of saying something we needed to hear but he did it in a way that wasn't bombastic or preachy.

As I said, in the clip Petey Greene mentions salt on a melon and how he learned the proper way to salt a melon and the two old gentlemen who taught him that over-salting a melon wasn't the way to go were correct. It does take just a twang.

Here's the clip so you can see for yourself his ideas about watermelon. And salt. And his crazy idea that putting skewers in an ear of corn is somehow wrong. How in the world can someone hold a hot ear of corn without skewers?

Careful - he does use the n-word a few times. Don't play it too loudly in your office and get yourself fired.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Shuffle - Heavy and Round Edition

Today I spent 7.55€ (roughly $12) on a 5.43 kilo (roughly 12 pound) watermelon. Does that sound expensive to you? A dollar a pound for watermelon sounds sort of expensive to me, especially considering about half the weight is rind. At least half the weight. Jeez, for that price this watermelon had better taste like heaven on the end of my fork.

Eaten with a twang of salt, of course.

Let's shuffle.
  1. Sharp, Cool & Collected - Beatsteaks
  2. No Reply - The Beatles
  3. Puppet Cabaret - Friska Viljor
  4. The Age Of The Understatement - The Last Shadow Puppets
  5. Salute Your Solution - The Raconteurs
  6. I Believe - Diamond Rio
  7. Creepin' Up The Backstairs - The Fratellis
  8. Jeepster - Marc Bolan & T. Rex
  9. Please Read The Letter - Robert Plant/Alison Krauss
  10. Bad Case Of Loving You - Robert Palmer


Thursday, May 22, 2008

How We Say Goodbye

Next week on the 30th I'll be going to a funeral service for a family friend who died this past weekend. Until now I haven't known anyone in Germany I was close with who had passed away so I have yet to attend a funeral. B and I got to talking about funerals here and funerals back in America. In Mississippi funerals have definite customs, some of which differ from funerals in other parts of the US outside of the south. Germany also has customs but the only ones I'm familiar with are the ones for this region. I know they can vary according to the part of Germany you're in or whether you live in a village or small town or a city.

Here's a little compare and contrast.

Cremations aren't as common in Mississippi as you would find in Germany so burials take place within just a few days. Often there's a viewing the day before the funeral itself. In Germany if the person is cremated it's not unusual to have the funeral service (the ashes are buried - you may not scatter or keep the ashes) three or four weeks after the death.

Food is a key thing after a death in the south. After someone has passes visitors come immediately bearing hams, casseroles, cakes, pies, vegetables, fried chicken and so on because the grieving family can't be expected to cook. They also can't really be expected to eat but that's okay. Folks will be visiting for days and they need to be fed so very little will go to waste. When I lived in America I always had a "funeral casserole" in my freezer, just in case of someone's sudden passing. If it went unused within six or eight weeks I'd eat it myself and replace it with a fresh one. I even kept them frozen in containers that I would not expect to have returned to me because a grief-stricken family cannot be expected to keep up with Tupperware and casserole dishes.

And I'll just go ahead and say it (and if you've ever lived in the south, you know this is true): funeral food is fantastic. I used to believe that ladies of the south saved their best cooking skills for church suppers and holidays but I now believe the best dishes are funeral food.

Where I live in Germany, funeral food plays no real part. Descending upon the grieving family isn't done so there's no need to bombard them with food they won't be eating anyway. However it is fairly common for family and close friends of the deceased to gather after the funeral at a restaurant to have a luncheon together or perhaps just have coffee and cake. I'm not sure if beer is consumed at these post-funeral events but it is Germany after all, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's so.

Visiting the grieving family after a death in the south starts almost immediately. First will be the closest of relatives but by the next day friends, more distant kinfolk, folks from church, work friends, former neighbors and working right on down to the girl the deceased sat next to in the third grade will show up, food in hand of course, to convey their condolences and perhaps have a helping of Miss Mamie's peach cobbler and oh is that Miss Nelly Harper's hominy casserole?

In Germany visiting isn't quite the same sort of event. Very close friends may visit or call but it's not the days-long gathering that you'd find in the southland. The funeral services won't be for weeks anyway so personal contact is often saved until that time.

Letting folks know about a death is the same in both countries - death notices in the newspaper are key. However in my hometown getting the news out fast is important. If you die on Tuesday morning your obituary will be in Wednesday morning's paper, which is good since your viewing will probably be on Thursday and your funeral is on Friday. In our family's Bible there's a newspaper clipping of my great-grandfather's death notice. As the article put it my great-grandfather "dropped dead at approximately 7:15 this morning"...his death notice was in that evening's newspaper. In the south another means of letting everyone know that not only has someone passed but the family is accepting visitors (and food) is the sign that's placed before the deceased's home by the mortuary that with the word "FUNERAL" in large letters along with the admonition that quiet be kept in the vicinity. Please do not drive like a bat-out-of-hell or get up a game of kick ball in front of this house - people are grieving, telling stories and eating angel biscuits and ham.

Bringing or sending flowers for the deceased is important in both America and Germany as are sympathy cards. However a major difference between sympathy cards in America and cards in Germany is in Germany, money is often included with the card. I was aghast when I learned of this custom because the idea of anyone in America giving the grieving family money can at best be described as tacky if not downright insulting while here where I live in Germany not including money in a sympathy card would be unthinkable. No one may bring you a casserole or a cake but including money to help pay for the cost of things or the after-funeral luncheon is just how it's done.

I have seen German funerals on TV if it was something newsworthy and I have to say that the attire of the mourners was sometimes a bit casual but then I've also seen people show up for their murder trial wearing baggy jeans and a sweatshirt. In contrast in the south, wearing the proper clothes to a funeral is required or else folks will talk about you for years. However exceptions are made when necessary. I recall that one man showed up to my father's viewing wearing a pair of overalls but they were his best pair so we felt pretty honored by that. And the gentleman was wearing his town hat and not his work hat.

B and I were heartbroken to hear that our friend, Norbert, had passed. He was a good person - always helpful to us and so kind. Every time I think of Norbert I can picture him at our wedding reception dancing and singing loudly and having a great time.

Regardless of the customs we use to commemorate one's passing, I can only hope that Norbert left this world knowing he was very much loved and admired by those who knew him and that he'll always be missed by us.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Friday Shuffle - It's Monday So We're Not Shuffling Edition

If there's one thing this blog proves it's that if someone whacks me over the head, stuffs me the trunk of a car (hope you're driving something like a 1969 Coupe de Ville, else - good luck, fella!) and drives me out to dump me in the middle of nowhere, someone's gonna know I'm missing pretty darn quick and get pretty concerned about it. Either that or more folks than I may want to believe can't wait to read my Friday Shuffle so they can have their weekly fix of alternatively saying "She listens to that crap?" and "Who in the hell is that band?".

Katy, thanks for checking on me, sweetie. I didn't mean to panic you.

So let's have some dots and hope they fill in any blanks I may have inadvertently created.
  • Last Friday may have been my life's highpoint (so far) for couldn't-be-arsed-ness. Wasn't a particularly bad day but by the time evening rolled around I couldn't be bothered to do anything that may take more than three minutes to accomplish, let alone shuffle. I kept meaning to but the time got away from me and by the time I wanted to write it was nearly midnight and about five seconds later I lost interested again, gave the situation a general "screw it", and ate some lime yogurt instead. There. I said it. Lime yogurt was more important than Bixente the iPod. I've since apologized to him and he's since stopped torturing me with Wilson Phillips in constant rotation.
  • I'm messing with y'all. I don't have any Wilson Phillips on my iPod. It was the Monkees.
  • Oh yes I do have the Monkees on my iPod and will not apologize for it. I love the Monkees. I'll even get into an argument with you why the Monkees are as deserving if not more so than Madonna for induction into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.
  • My cannot-be-arsed-ness continued through the weekend and it is directly responsible for the fact that I've been knitting on the same pair of socks for like a month now and I'm barely past the gussets on each sock. Like the sock. Like the yarn. Love who I'm knitting it for. Cannot gather the interest to finish them to save my soul but the pressure of staying up to date with the various sock knit-alongs will prod me along. Think I'm semi-surly now? Just watch me after I crap out in a sock knit-along. Keep your children and pets away from me. I may bite.
  • Can't-be-arsed-ness is also the reason the only things I accomplished were watching a couple movies and ordering out for dinner to be delivered on Saturday evening. I may have even skipped the ordering dinner part except that B gets so fussy when he doesn't get any food. He is so spoiled.
  • Here. Let's get a little nostalgic. If I'm not going to shuffle for you, let's at least do a little Kinder Surprise Egg Blogging. Pass your cursor over the photo to see it change.

Wonder if I can get that little guy to finish knitting my socks? His pincers look like they can handle double pointed needles.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The All-Purpose Yes

B wanted a piece of chocolate sour cream cake.

"You want milk with that, right?"


"Okay, you want a small glass or a big glass?"

"Oh you asked me if I wanted milk!"

"Uhhhh...yeah. What did you think I said?"

"I had no idea what you said."

"Then why did you answer 'yes' if you didn't know what I asked?"

"I didn't know what you said but it sounded like something I should say 'yes' to."

"Why didn't you just ask me to repeat what I said?"

"Honey, sometimes it's just easier to say 'yes' and not worry about details. It's hard to make a mistake with you if I just answer 'yes'."

I don't know whether to be overjoyed ("Sweetie, can we buy a new car?" "Yes!") or annoyed that sometimes, to him, I'm no more than running my mouth to hear my lips flap.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Over It By Next Week

I almost hesitate to bring up the whole birthday/holiday/city festival weekend because I don't want to complain. And it's not even that there's much to complain about but still a few things are sticking in my craw.

Friday was B's birthday and we'd planned a couple months ago that if the weather was good we'd celebrate it the next day at the city festival. Go to the beer tent that was located at the end of our block, hang out with friends, have some beer and celebrate. My MIL informed us early last week that she and Gerd didn't want to go to the beer tent because it's too loud. M'kay. You may beg off.

We'd spoken with our friend, Kirsten, and she was going to be at the city festival on Saturday and we said that we'd meet up with her there. But with B there's always the caveat that if he's not feeling well, he can't go out. Sitting upright can be hard for him - it's just part of his physiology. Kirsten told us on Friday that we should call her daughter, Freya, on Saturday afternoon to coordinate meeting up with them - time and location and all that.

On Saturday B was about 75% in favor of going out. He wasn't feeling the greatest and it would be his first time outside since November so there was the possibility that he wouldn't be able to sit up and go in his wheelchair for more than maybe a half hour or so. Then my MIL and Gerd informed us that they were meeting friends around 4:30pm. They could help me get B into his wheelchair but if after an hour B had to go home because he couldn't sit up any longer, he'd be shit-out-of-luck. I appreciate their help but this time they were being...shall I say...a bit stingy with it - but that's a subject for another day. B decided that he wasn't feeling good enough to take the chance that he'd be stuck in his wheelchair without any available help to get him back out of it so he decided not to go out at all. We talked with Kirsten and Freya around 4:30 and I said I'd come up the street to meet with them.

It was nice to see them and I had a couple fast beers on an empty stomach with them before they had to leave to get back home to take care of their dogs. I walked around the festival for another thirty minutes and then went back home where I availed myself of the bathroom and promptly threw up the liter of beer I'd slugged down.

I was telling B about my visit with Kirsten and what the fair was like and B was saying that he was planning on getting out on Sunday. About then Kirsten called - drunk, I'm sure because she was fairly lit when I saw her an hour before - and got all up in B's grill about him not going out and how he was being lazy and he couldn't isolate himself from people and she was so mad at him. On and on about how she was going to insist that he get out more and he needed to get off his ass (the perfect thing to say to a quadriplegic). She yapped on for fifteen minutes and B couldn't get a word in edgewise. Then Kirsten hung up and B was furious. He seldom gets angry, even more seldom ever gets angry at Kirsten but now he was chapped something fierce. He didn't say much except to tell me he didn't know if he wanted to ever speak to her again but I know he was ringing the bell on the B-is-pissed scale.

As for me I was still rather drunk myself so I didn't say a lot at the time but thinking back on it...well, I'm not so much angry at Kirsten because I think she was shooting her mouth off because she was half plowed but I'm disappointed. Disappointed and irked. Does she think that B stays inside because he likes it? Is she under the impression that he looks at one room for six months straight because he digs the color of the walls? He's a quadriplegic. And while that doesn't limit the activity of some quads, it does for him. Every quadriplegic responds differently to his/her injury. B doesn't regulate his body temperature well so he can't go out if it's too hot and really can't handle any cold. His breathing is compromised and sitting upright makes it worse. We don't even mention the increased chance of him getting a pressure sore from possibly sitting on a fold in his clothes. B's older now and every year it's harder for his body, which is already compromised, to bounce back from any traumas. He's had a spinal cord injury for twenty-five years now, which is a fairly long time as far as that goes, and why has he had relatively few physical traumas in that time? Because he doesn't like to push his body past what he believes he can handle. What does that have to be turned into him being afraid and isolating himself?

B's sort of over Kirsten's phone call but he can be stubborn about such things. He won't hold a grudge but he won't seek out calling her either unless I talk him into it. And we did go out the next day. My MIL and Gerd came over and we all went to a cafe that was just at the edge of where the festival was located and it was nice. Still there was that stingy-with-the-help vibe from my MIL that I can't put my finger on.

But that's a bitch for another day.


Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday Shuffle - His Birthday, My Gift Edition

I love my husband more than I have ever loved anyone but there's one thing about him that I don't like - he's impossible to buy gifts for. He goes through clothes slowly so buying them for him as a gift is simply not needed. He doesn't wear watches or any other sort of jewelry. He doesn't carry a wallet. He's not into sweets or gourmet foods or wine. And he really, really, really doesn't need shoes. Sometimes he likes to have something for his computer - a game or some sort of accessory but even that is a rarity so it's generally not a gift giving choice when a gift giving occasion comes up.

Today is B's birthday and so what did I get him for his birthday? Nothing. I was going to get him one of those digital weather station things but at the last moment his mom said she had one that she's never opened and so he said "Oh I'll take it.". I did buy him flowers but that's it. He simply doesn't want anything right now so I'll just wait for the day when he does say he wants some sort of gadget or game and I'll run right out and get it for him.

But gifts were still received today - by me. I've been whining for ages for a new cell phone but like B needing shoes, I have very little need of a cell phone. I have one but I rarely use it - it's only used if I'm calling him to say I'm going to be late or he's calling me to say I need to come home right away. In other words I use it about four times a year. We'd look at cell phones but couldn't justify replacing the one I have for no other reason than it's nerdy looking. And then the cell phone gods smiled upon me and made my MIL's used-even-less-than-mine cell phone crapped out. Since they're both pre-paid cell phone accounts B and I decided to buy me a new cell phone, switch out the SIM cards and give my MIL my old cell.

The new one arrived today and I wish I were kidding when I say that I have done virtually nothing all day that hasn't revolved around me diddling with it. I can't help it though. It's so cute. It's piiiiiiink!!



Tell me that's not adorable! All it needs is some glitzy and oh-so-tacky cell phone jewelry and I'm all set!

So all day while the house phone has rung off the hook with birthday calls for B we've been messing with virtually ever feature of my new toy. And while it should be a day when B ooohs and aahhs over something for him, he's been over-the-moon happy that I'm so thrilled with the cell phone I've been wanting for so long. That's one of the reasons I adore my husband so much. He's at his happiest when he's done something sweet and thoughtful for me and seeing me enjoy it so much.

Happy birthday, my darling. Every time we celebrate the day you were born I know I'm the recipient of the best gift I could ever wish for - your steadfast, precious love.

Today's shuffle comes exclusively from my love song playlist. Grab someone you love, hold 'em close and slow dance while Bixente the iPod provides the mood music.
  1. Longer - Dan Fogelberg
  2. Kiss You All Over - Exile
  3. Pressing Lips - Pursuit of Happiness
  4. The Game Of Love - The Mindbenders
  5. You'll Never Know - Rosemary Clooney
  6. O What A Thrill - The Mavericks
  7. The Air That I Breathe - The Hollies
  8. Beautiful Dream - Adam Ant
  9. Devoted To You - Everly Brothers
  10. Crazy Love - Van Morrison
Have a love-filled weekend.

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Five Dots

Seemingly random events all made tidy by the addition of dots.

  • I wish I could describe to y'all what I just saw out of my kitchen window and express it in a way that you could really imagine it. At the horizon the sky is still somewhat illuminated but all the gold and reds from the sunset are gone. As the sky rises the blues deepen and it's so subtle it's almost impossible to tell where the colors change. And in the deepest blue - the sky being nearly black - a bright, white crescent moon hangs and glows. It was utterly captivating to see.

  • Yesterday during my name my doorbell for the main downstairs door rang and when I asked via the intercom what they wanted the man said he rang at another neighbor's bell. I told him that he rang by the [insert my last name here] family and he again told me he rang by...whatever name it was. I forget now. He didn't seem to get that he rang my bell and not the bell of whom he was looking for. This afternoon the doorbell rang again and this time the man said it was UPS and he had a package for Herr Fox (now that I think of it, it seems weird that for a German person to have the last name of "Fox" and not "Fuchs", which is the German word for "fox") and thinking that he rang by me to get me to accept the package because Herr Fox wasn't home I buzzed him in. The UPS dude came up, I took the package, signed for it and he said he'd leave a delivery notice on Herr Fox's mailbox. Herr Fox has not picked up his package and upon closer examination of the package I see that yesterday's date was written on it with the note that he rang by Fox and [insert my last name here] answered and that the mailbox is stuffed full. And upon further consideration on my part I think Herr Fox is the dude that moved out of our building earlier this week - I'm not 100% sure about that though. In any case it seems that I have a box of shampoo here (I looked up the business from where this package comes - I mean I didn't want to have a box of anthrax sitting in my hallway) for a guy who may not live here anymore, a delivery notice that may be lost in the pile of crap the guy has stuffed in his mailbox and a neighbor whose doorbell rings at my apartment.

  • So after a year of my MIL and Gerd being together each and every day and him essentially living at her place full time for the past six months they've decided to go ahead and just get rid of his apartment and live together in sin full time. Well. You know. Okay. If that's what they want to do. It's none of my business but I told her to document very well what stuff is absolutely hers alone because I'm not having them both expire at the same time and having his two kids who he has virtually no contact with anyway swoop in and claim that everything there is their's. The most disturbing things though are that they're buying a new sofa but buying it on credit. My MIL has never bought anything on credit in her life. It's one of those zero percent financing things but still. I thought B's head was going to explode when she said they bought a sofa on credit. I can't even describe how anti-credit he is. And then they're getting an aquarium. I know my MIL hates aquariums. B had one when he was a teenager and she complained about it constantly. I know she's commented that other friends of ours are nuts for having them - too much to fool with, in her opinion. B asked her why she consented to an aquarium and my MIL replied "Well Gerd's always had them before and you know you have to make compromises when you live with someone.". I can't disagree with that but...I dunno. It's not my life. Good grief, she's 74 years old. If it makes her happy she may as well do what she wants.

  • Since my MIL is making room for Gerd's stuff she's sorting through all sorts of stuff and gave us a pile of photographs for us to look at, keep which ones we want and toss the rest. The pile she gave us today included photos from B's first wedding. Egad! There's no envy or hard feelings on my part because I know how that woman hurt him (she filed for divorce while he was still in the rehab hospital after his accident) and B has nothing but contempt for her now but it's still a little weird for me to see him looking happy with another woman. I'm actually feeling uncomfortable for him because I think it makes him feel sort of embarrassed. As far as I'm concerned the only thing he really needs to be embarrassed about is the mustache he wore at that time. Holy smokes. Couple that with his long hair and he greatly resembles a 70s porn star. Thank goodness he ditched that look. It is rather interesting though to see photos of him from that time because it was about a year before his accident and it's strange for me to see an adult B standing upright.

  • It's Pfingsten (Pentecost) weekend and that means Stadtfest! It's the annual city festival - four days of fun right outside my door. Beer tent at the end of my block! Perfect weather anticipated for the whole long weekend! Fun and shows and games and great food to my heart's content. I am again reminded why I'm so glad we moved to this apartment.

  • We're celebrating and shuffling tomorrow to be ready to dance.


    Wednesday, May 07, 2008

    Blessed Luxury

    My tummy virus is either not the 24 hour type or is as lazy as I am and refuses to budge. I've been going back and forth with it all day - either I feel fine or I'm doubled over with sharp pains which may be nothing more than too much Imodium and my digestive system believing that the equivalent of a little Dutch boy's finger plugging up a leaking dike has transpired.

    At any rate I had things to accomplish today - laundry and a trip to the bakery. A bathroom to scrub. The general care and cleaning of my husband. B's physiotherapist had her regular Wednesday appointment with him and once she was gone I lost no time in pulling the bedroom shades in order to block out the afternoon sun that would otherwise cause me to burst into flames and laid down to take a nap. I know from past experience that when my tummy is acting cranky the best thing for me is to curl up and just sleep.

    And it was perfect! I had the windows open and the breeze was floating in making the air in the room just the right temperature. I could hear the birds singing and the occasional car drive down the street but instead of disturbing me it was more like white noise. And as I lay there about to drift off I could only think about how lucky I was. Not just lucky. Absolutely blessed. There I was, not feeling very well but not so sick that it was completely ruining my day. I had been able to finish my chores and errands without too much trouble and I had hours free with which I could sooth myself with a nap. In my comfortable home. On my comfortable bed. With sweet, comfortable air surrounding me. Back in the days when I used to work in an office there were times when I would have cried and begged and paid money to be able to take a nap when I wasn't feeling well and now here I was able to do it with nothing more being required of me than to decided to do it. How my fortunes have changed!

    And then I thought of those who aren't as lucky and blessed as I am. Friends who have a chronic illness and they still have to show up at their offices every day. Or what about the people who live in poverty? Refugees without a home. Victims of nature's wrath who used to not have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it from and now they really don't have a thing to their names. I don't want to feel guilty that I have things they don't and have the luxury to be able to sleep in the middle of the afternoon for no other reason than I want to but I have to at least acknowledge that I lead a lucky life. A blessed life. A privileged life. Jeez, I was so grateful for that time that I could rest that I could have cried.

    And it worked. Ninety minutes later the tummy troubles were improved and I could get on with my day. My nap made me feel so much better. Except for the part of my legs that laid in in the path of the sun that was streaming through the side of the window shade. They nearly burst into flames.


    Tuesday, May 06, 2008

    Help Me Decide

    I'm sitting here thinking over my day and I just can't decide on what part of it I liked best. There's just so much to choose from!

    Your choices:

    ~ The part where I'd just finished brushing my teeth and I threw up for five minutes afterwards. That really good kind you do when you've haven't as yet eaten anything.

    ~ The part where stopped for a red light and a man who I estimate was somewhere between 70 and 70,000 years old came within a hair's breadth of rear-ending me and in the process scared me out of my mind.

    ~ Then there's the part where I spent the afternoon with my stomach tied in knots. Evidently I've picked up some tummy virus.

    ~ There's the part where I fell asleep while sitting on the sofa and woke up with a crick in my neck and a pounding headache.

    ~ And what may be my personal favorite - going to the gynecologist and having her pinch me. Three times. You're not getting any more details than that but I know my female readers winced when they read that.

    Here's the real best part. I know tomorrow will definitely be an improvement over today.


    Friday, May 02, 2008

    Friday Shuffle - Get Up And Get Out Edition

    I desperately need to get out of the house this weekend. I need to get out on my own, take a walk, go sit on a park bench and knit or jack myself up at a cafe and read. Something! The rut I'm currently in is astonishingly deep. It's not that I need a break or I need to escape - I just need to spring myself from doing the same thing every day at the same time every day. I am boring the tee-total crap out of myself.

    And whatever it is that I need to do, I know I need to do it outside. I am desperate for fresh air.

    Bixente the iPod's gonna go with me no matter what I end up doing. He's always up for an adventure. Shuffle for me, fella.
    1. Scare Easy - Mudcrutch
    2. Little T&A - The Rolling Stones
    3. Johnny Guitar - Grant-Lee Phillips
    4. Rosalyn - David Bowie
    5. God Only Knows - The Beach Boys
    6. Gimme Some Lovin' - Spencer Davis Group
    7. I Love Paris - Ella Fitzgerald
    8. Kodachrome - Paul Simon
    9. In Dreams - Roy Orbison
    10. House Of Cards - Radiohead
    Y'all have a great weekend. Go get some air.