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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Five Dots

Seemingly random events all made tidy by the addition of dots.

  • I wish I could describe to y'all what I just saw out of my kitchen window and express it in a way that you could really imagine it. At the horizon the sky is still somewhat illuminated but all the gold and reds from the sunset are gone. As the sky rises the blues deepen and it's so subtle it's almost impossible to tell where the colors change. And in the deepest blue - the sky being nearly black - a bright, white crescent moon hangs and glows. It was utterly captivating to see.

  • Yesterday during my name my doorbell for the main downstairs door rang and when I asked via the intercom what they wanted the man said he rang at another neighbor's bell. I told him that he rang by the [insert my last name here] family and he again told me he rang by...whatever name it was. I forget now. He didn't seem to get that he rang my bell and not the bell of whom he was looking for. This afternoon the doorbell rang again and this time the man said it was UPS and he had a package for Herr Fox (now that I think of it, it seems weird that for a German person to have the last name of "Fox" and not "Fuchs", which is the German word for "fox") and thinking that he rang by me to get me to accept the package because Herr Fox wasn't home I buzzed him in. The UPS dude came up, I took the package, signed for it and he said he'd leave a delivery notice on Herr Fox's mailbox. Herr Fox has not picked up his package and upon closer examination of the package I see that yesterday's date was written on it with the note that he rang by Fox and [insert my last name here] answered and that the mailbox is stuffed full. And upon further consideration on my part I think Herr Fox is the dude that moved out of our building earlier this week - I'm not 100% sure about that though. In any case it seems that I have a box of shampoo here (I looked up the business from where this package comes - I mean I didn't want to have a box of anthrax sitting in my hallway) for a guy who may not live here anymore, a delivery notice that may be lost in the pile of crap the guy has stuffed in his mailbox and a neighbor whose doorbell rings at my apartment.

  • So after a year of my MIL and Gerd being together each and every day and him essentially living at her place full time for the past six months they've decided to go ahead and just get rid of his apartment and live together in sin full time. Well. You know. Okay. If that's what they want to do. It's none of my business but I told her to document very well what stuff is absolutely hers alone because I'm not having them both expire at the same time and having his two kids who he has virtually no contact with anyway swoop in and claim that everything there is their's. The most disturbing things though are that they're buying a new sofa but buying it on credit. My MIL has never bought anything on credit in her life. It's one of those zero percent financing things but still. I thought B's head was going to explode when she said they bought a sofa on credit. I can't even describe how anti-credit he is. And then they're getting an aquarium. I know my MIL hates aquariums. B had one when he was a teenager and she complained about it constantly. I know she's commented that other friends of ours are nuts for having them - too much to fool with, in her opinion. B asked her why she consented to an aquarium and my MIL replied "Well Gerd's always had them before and you know you have to make compromises when you live with someone.". I can't disagree with that but...I dunno. It's not my life. Good grief, she's 74 years old. If it makes her happy she may as well do what she wants.

  • Since my MIL is making room for Gerd's stuff she's sorting through all sorts of stuff and gave us a pile of photographs for us to look at, keep which ones we want and toss the rest. The pile she gave us today included photos from B's first wedding. Egad! There's no envy or hard feelings on my part because I know how that woman hurt him (she filed for divorce while he was still in the rehab hospital after his accident) and B has nothing but contempt for her now but it's still a little weird for me to see him looking happy with another woman. I'm actually feeling uncomfortable for him because I think it makes him feel sort of embarrassed. As far as I'm concerned the only thing he really needs to be embarrassed about is the mustache he wore at that time. Holy smokes. Couple that with his long hair and he greatly resembles a 70s porn star. Thank goodness he ditched that look. It is rather interesting though to see photos of him from that time because it was about a year before his accident and it's strange for me to see an adult B standing upright.

  • It's Pfingsten (Pentecost) weekend and that means Stadtfest! It's the annual city festival - four days of fun right outside my door. Beer tent at the end of my block! Perfect weather anticipated for the whole long weekend! Fun and shows and games and great food to my heart's content. I am again reminded why I'm so glad we moved to this apartment.

  • We're celebrating and shuffling tomorrow to be ready to dance.



    Blogger sari said...

    You forgot to add it was my birthday! ha ha

    And I'm coming by early since I'm going out of town to say Happy Birthday to Burkie! mwah!

    I hope you guys have fun.

    8:35 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    "Couple that with his long hair and he greatly resembles a 70s porn star"

    And i burst up laughing.

    2:42 PM  

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