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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Enough already

I have spent the entire day with the right side of my head aching like someone has driven a spike into it.

It should have been a good day today. It's Sunday and we didn't have a lot planned. Just some relaxing and peace and quiet and evidently it was too much to ask for such a day. To much because the Loud family lives above me.

Honest to Pete, I don't want to get into a long, drawn out explaination of the conflict that went on today. Highlights would include being awakened at 7:30am to the sound of Herr Loud taking a shit and screaming through it, hearing his TV on so loud for nearly three hours, my MIL and I going upstairs to confront them about it, Frau Loud lying and saying it was another neighbor who was making all the noise with the TV (she blamed it on the people who live above them - the ones who were pounding on their floor in an attempt to make the Louds shut the fuck up - and then tried to blame it on Wolfgang (she backed off that story when I told her exactly what shows they were watching because I could hear the TV so clearly), me having to go back upstairs to ask them in a quiet, civil but firm way to please turn down the TV, Herr Loud screaming and cursing at me (strange how he's supposed to be so hard of hearing because of his brain damage but he had no trouble at all hearing me speak quietly), and in general having yet another day ruined by these shit excuses for human life.

I've figured out what makes me so angry at these people. What makes me absolutely hate them. It's their utter lack of dignity and self respect. They have no shame. They are so completely anti-social it's pathetic. Even bums on the street have a sense of community with other bums. These people don't even have the simple dignity to conduct their lives in a way that others can stand to be around them.

Phone calls to the rental company will be made tomorrow. My third three-page-long laundry list of psychological terror these people have inflicted on my family and other neighbors will be printed and taken to the woman who handles our building. I don't want to hear any bullshit about us having a sit-down with the Louds. I'm not going to subject myself to the lies, the verbal abuse and the lack of any sort of personal responsibility that meeting with them brings. All I'm going to do is move forward and finally get some results.

I've tried to be tolerant. I don't complain about every annoying noise they make - trust me, they make much more noise than what I specifically complain about. I've been friendly to them when I happen to pass them on the street on in the stairways but no more. I cannot have another day like today occuring over and over and over.


Blogger beege said...

Heh. Probably nobody at the rental company wants to deal with them either.

There's something off about that sentence. I'm not sure what.

Anyhow: stick to your guns. Do you have a lease, or anything that spells out what the rental company promises to do for Y'ALL as tenants when it comes to a situation like this? Might not hurt to bring that along to refresh their memories.

3:02 PM  
Blogger still life said...

Obnoxious neighbors are the worst. When I lived in my last apartment the guy above me was so loud it seemed like he was stomping with hard sole shoes and he would just pace all through the night because he was a writer for the New York Times and that was the only way you could think. It was awful. And then I had neighbors that lived on the fifth floor and they would sit on their fire escape drinking beer and smoking cigarettes and then drop all the butts down stairs into my garden. Can you imagine? Good luck.

3:55 AM  

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