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Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday Shuffle - Good and Bad Edition

I'll let you decide on which of these is good or bad.
  1. Because The Night - Patti Smith
  2. Badlands - Bruce Springsteen
  3. Fast Car - Tracy Chapman
  4. Push The Button - Sugababes
  5. Meds - Placebo
  6. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) - Marvin Gaye
  7. Mack The Knife - Bobby Darin
  8. Walking On Broken Glass - Annie Lennox
  9. Mercury Blues - Alan Jackson
  10. Strange & Beautiful (I'll Put A Spell On You) - Aqualung
I pronounce it all good. Even the Sugababes because that song makes me dance.

On with more good and bad...

~ Dear Klinsi. It's official. You are no longer one of my boyfriends. I may never get over this mad. Bring me back my key and the terrycloth bathrobe you stuffed into your gym bag. And tell that girl Oliver Bierhoff that I never liked him anyway.

~ It's a good thing I have no problem with wearing drugstore lipstick - you know from brands featured in drugstores the world over - as I am addicted to buying lipstick and can at least buy lipstick without going into debt. I can scarcely walk by a display of lipstick without checking it out and there's a fair chance I'll walk away with at least one tube, especially if it's something new. Hey, I need mauve/plum lipstick in as many brands and varities as I can get!

My new favorite? Maybelline Moisture Extreme. Nice colors, very smooth, doesn't make my lips dry. And it smells so good. I put on lipstick when I got into the car to go shopping and gave it a little farewell sniff before I put it back into my bag. I think our building superintendent saw me. And here I had him convinced that I was normal.

~ I don't know who invented Blend-A-Med Citrus Fresh toothpaste (which I'm sure is this in America) but that person may get to be my new boyfriend. Lemon-mint toothpaste. I think I'm in L-U-V!

~ Either I have a stomach bug that simply won't get the hint that I don't want it as my new boyfriend or my gallbladder is acting up. Again with too much time spent in the bathroom and you know throwing up isn't good for my brand new lipstick.

~ Our downstairs doorbell rang around 9:30pm and I was convinced it was B's friend and my personal headache, Wolfgang. I'd called Mollie last night and she'd asked me if he'd been around to bug us lately and I'd said no and as it typical with Mollie and me, if we discuss someone it's like summoning the devil. This afternoon as I was trying to take a nap and get the stomach cramps to subside long enough for me to give B a bath, Wolfgang called wanting to know where my MIL was - he'd called there and she didn't answer her phone. God forbid this adult woman leave her apartment, eh? At any rate, Wolfgang said "Oh I'm going to be downtown this afternoon - how 'bout I drop in on you two?". I gave the frantic "No! No!" wave and B said today was rather busy for us and a drop in visit wasn't convenient for us today. I have him well trained.

Anyway, when the doorbell rang so late I was convinced that it was Wolfgang as time, "sorry, we're busy", and the idea that I may already be in my jammies means nothing to him. I buzzed him in and looked through the peephole in the door for him to come out of the elevator. Instead it was a young man holding a Gerbera daisy. He looked at my doorbell and then at the doorbell of my next door neighbor (I have a nodding acquaintence with her - she works as a nurse so she's in and out at weird hours) and then proceeded to whip out a roll of duct tape and taped the flower to her door and then left. When I was sure he was gone I opened the door to see his handiwork and sure enough he'd taped the daisy with a little bit of fern and baby's breath added to it with colorful tissue wrapped at the bottom to her door with a little note. Awwww! Isn't romance swell?

By swell I mean "Nice young man wants to woo her!" and not "Freakish pyscho is stalking her!". I hope.

Hope your weekend has lots of good and not even the merest hint of bad.


Blogger Romani Heart said...

I'll have to add that to my growing list of uses for duct tape!!!

1:09 AM  
Blogger JT said...

Yummy tunes all, sweetie!

My Saturday morning shuffle is equally ecclectic:

"Lick It" - God-des and She
"Creation Myth" - Kathy Valentine
"You Suck" - Murmurs
"All the Way" - Frank Sinatra
"Flower Duet (from the Opera 'Lakme')" - Jahna
"Naked" - Tracy Bonham
"Jumpers" - Sleater-Kinney
"All Fired Up" - TraLaLas
"Million Holes In Heaven" - Amy Cook
"The Constant Lover" - Magenta Lane

6:50 PM  
Blogger christina said...

Oh, PLEASE tell me where you found the Citrus Fresh toothpaste! So far we've only seen the green stuff on the supermarket/drugstore shelves in our town and we're all clamouring for the lemon one.

Hope the stomach thing is really just a bug and not the gall bladder.

8:53 PM  
Blogger Katya said...

The shuffle is good -- I like it. I was relieved to read in your previous post that you are fine --even good. Now the cramps just need to go away.

10:05 PM  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

It IS all good. Especially the first three. Solid gold, baby!

I had no idea lipstick was so satisfying. Maybe I should get some.

10:54 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Lipstick sniffing! :D That was a good one. I've never tried it but believe me, I will. Picture me in the next couple days stalking our neighborhood drugstore trying to catch the clerks looking the other way so I can sneak a smell.

And yes, please, tell where you got the good toothpaste?

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well and I hope this sorts itself out soon. I can reassure you about the gall bladder, if that turns out to be the case, the fixing of the problem is way easier than the enduring of the pain that goes with it.

11:00 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

Oh I'm pretty sure it's my gallbladder. I was getting sick after eating. I've known for years that I have a bad one but I haven't yet taken the time to have it removed.

Christina and Lisa - I found the toothpaste at Rossmans. I'd looked at various grocery stores - even big ones - and they didn't have it so when I found it at Rossmans I snapped it up.

Mr. Fab - I think a deep red would look so...well...fab with your skin tone.

11:28 PM  
Blogger traveller one said...

Hey Dixie... I am completely with you on the lipstick thing! I have bags of it under my counter- but my favourite is that Maybelline, Wet Shine in #130 Wine Shine!

5:58 PM  

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