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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Unscheduled Dots

You had a bit of yarn talk yesterday instead of the normally scheduled yarn talk Tuesday so today we'll hit the bulleted list. I haven't gotten dotty on you in days.
  • I finally broke down and ordered new panties. Finding that at least half of my panties have elastic that couldn't hold up a flea let alone themselves around my waist prompted my ordering. Shot elastic determines the purchase of new panties. Any holes will, however, take priority and require that the pair be retired, regardless of the condition of the elastic. I order panties from the same place in the same style. I require that they be cotton, cut high on the thigh and 50% of my panty wardrobe must be plain white. They are utilitarian, not sexy. My days of believing I could impress men with my undergarments are long gone and I wear panties befitting my status as a middle-aged woman who knows that there are a more things a man will find sexy than panties.
  • For the second time within a week I've been woken up and forced to answer the door while I still have curlers in my hair. It seems I've found the way to get unexpected visitors - just wind strands of my hair around foam rods and wait. Today's visitor was some guy sent by the rental company to fix some defect on the heater in the kitchen. I informed him that I had the heater in the kitchen removed. He said his company sent a letter to tell us about this little project and when it was scheduled. I told him that I got no such letter. He asked me if I was sure. I told him that had I received such a letter I wouldn't have answered the door with my hair in curlers and regardless of whether or not I received such a letter it wouldn't change the fact that the heater in the kitchen was removed when I moved in and was quietly collecting dust in the basement. Dude, I am standing here in curlers! Get the hint and blow!
  • This week our weather is damp, coolish and mostly cloudy with the occasional shower thrown in. Next week it's supposed to be up near 100°F. Let the whining and bitching begin!
  • You know I can roll my dry hair on those little foam curlers, leave them in a few hours and I've got curls that last a good 10-12 hours. 2.99€ well spent!
  • Mmmmm...fresh blueberries and slices of fresh peaches. I'm getting all swoony thinking about them.
  • Have you checked out the goods up for bid on Boob-Ha-Ha yet? Make a bid, get something great, support breast cancer research!
I'm off to heed the siren song of fresh blueberries.



Blogger christina said...

I finally broke down and ordered new panties.

So did I!! They're on their way as we speak. One can only hold out for so long and then the old holey elasticless nightmares just have to go.

Me having one foot in the shower or soap in my eyes is a sure guarantee that someone's going to ring the doorbell.

10:12 AM  
Blogger Marsha said...

My panties are of the same variety. My visitors always arrive before my bra is put on and before I have brushed my hair or teeth. I love how the heater repairman shows up right in time for the heat wave.

4:39 PM  
Blogger Carol said...

Try having daughters who belittle your underwear constantly. I wear bikinis, and I consider them somewhat sexy (or at least not UN-sexy), but NOOOOOOO -- because they even have fabric touching butt cheeks at all they're considered "muddu-undas." If I were truly hip I'd wear those thongy-thingies they wear. Those things remind me of nooses (neese?) for the crotch. Ouch!

Ewwwwww -- and while we're on the general subject, WHY do women under 30 SHAVE to look like 5-year-old girls?! Is that even slightly sexy?? Really?!

Hmmmm... this is almost feeling like a post-worthy topic!


5:49 PM  
Blogger Mahala said...

My aunt always knocks on the door, sending my dogs into hysterics, when I'm tending to business of a delicate nature in the potty.

Never fails.

6:40 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

Christina! Kindred spirit! I know you're as excited to have that package delivered as I will be. Let's hope it's done when we're both not at our best.

Marsha - I go berserk when I have to answer the door before I have on my bra. It's done only in the most dire of circumstances.

Carol - You have my admiration that you pull off bikinis. To me that's as sexy as need be. I have no interest in thongs. I'd just as soon go without.

And I'd like to see you blog on this topic!

Mahala - Usually when I'm on the potty is when the phone rings and B doesn't have his remote control button nearby for him to answer it.

11:06 PM  

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