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Monday, April 25, 2005

Gotta get started

I guess getting my ass into gear begins tomorrow - because as we all know, a good procrastinator would never get her ass in gear today.

The kitchen delivery and assembly people called today saying they could come install it on May 10th. That's a week too early and I can't get the kitchen removed and have the flooring put in and have it painted by then. At least I think I can't. Plus as we didn't figure that the kitchen would come so soon we didn't get an appointment for the city to haul off the old kitchen and appliances until May 23rd. I can change that date a little but not a whole three weeks.

So B told them that the 10th wouldn't work and so they're going to come on May 17th. The day before is a holiday here (Pentecost Monday) so having the painting done and flooring installed shouldn't be a problem. It only sucks if the weather is great - Pentecost weekend is always the weekend of the big city fair and of course B and I would like to attend but kitchens come first!

Shoot. I have a ton on my plate tomorrow anyway. Can't get started on kitchen packing then. Wednesday. Definitely Wednesday. Or Thursday.

I see a panic on the horizon.


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