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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The final countdown

It doesn't end. It doesn't end, it doesn't end, it doesn't end. I don't seem to be able to go a day without the crap with the Louds invading my life.

I bought new carpet yesterday and it's being delivered tomorrow to the new place between 10am and 2pm. After that I have to haul ass home because on Wednesdays B's physiotherapist comes for his therapy and after that the carpenter from the moving company - the all important man who is going to move my kitchen into the new place and make it all fit - is coming by to see the kitchen and take measurements. My day is fully booked and I don't have time for extra crap. Until...

Today the lady from the rental company - the one that handles my old apartment, not the fabulous woman who handles my new one - called my MIL saying she wanted to meet with us tomorrow at 10:45 in my apartment. My MIL told Landlord Lady we're expecting an important delivery tomorrow and Landlord Lady said that she's having someone from the handicap advocacy office - the same woman who showed up to the meeting a couple weeks ago - come with her to our home and tomorrow at 10:45 was the only time she could do it. Am I wrong her or should she have made the appointment with us first?

So I'm having to get an acquaintence of my MIL to go to my new apartment and wait for my carpet delivery so I can be there to meet with these nitwits. I'm going to have to pay this woman for her time. But it's important for me to be there because now we're likely getting down to brass tacks.

Three-and-a-half weeks ago we wrote a letter to the president of the rental company explaining our plight and saying that we've received no satisfaction for our problem with the Louds and that the ill effect it's having on B's health is forcing us to move. It's not a screaming, freak-out letter. On the contrary, it's very civil and professional and we state in it that we don't believe it's fair that we should have to carry the full financial burden of moving just because the rental company has done nothing to resolve our problem. And you know it is truly costing us a lot to move. Leaving the new sofa and chair out of it, I'm still having to pay for a moving company, for someone to modify our brand new kitchen, new curtains, new paint and new carpet plus we have to pay to have our old apartment stripped down - all flooring and wallpaper removed and the walls made white again.

Nothing has been done at all until we wrote that letter. The big meeting my MIL went to a couple weeks ago? That was arranged after we wrote the letter. It's not until we've yanked the biggest crank of all that we got any action out of anyone.

I don't have any real idea of what Landlord Lady wants tomorrow but the time for compromise or understanding on our part is over. No more favors from us. The only thing I want to hear tomorrow is "We'd like to offer you a settlement." and that's it. This time she's not going to be facing my pushover MIL. This time B's going to be there and he doesn't back down from anyone.

And as a sidenote, the Louds have their TV blaring right now. Why should they be afraid of eviction? The landlord just installed today a new bathtub for them because they demaned one. They have absolutely no intention of evicting these asses.


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