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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Later. And later. And later...

Procrastination is rearing its ugly head around here today. I know I shouldn't do it. I know that tomorrow when I try to tackle the tasks I've put off until then I'll be sorry but I can't help it. I must procrastinate. It's my talent. It's my gift. It's my calling in life. Why do today what I can push off until tomorrow?

Tomorrow afternoon the dude I hire to wash my windows will be here to - you guessed it!- wash my windows. I have to pick up some things in my spare storage room so he can easily get to the windows and as of right now I've only taken a feeble swipe at accomplishing it. I've known for a week that this guy will be coming to do the windows and I've had ample opportunity to get it done but I would either ignore the situation completely or when it would cross my mind I would rationalize (and as we all know, rationalization goes hand in hand with procrastination) that I had plenty of time left and I'd do it later.

Even knowing today that I had to get this done within 24 hours didn't spur me to action. I was busy with other things this morning and then later on after B's physiotherapist left I was sleepy so I rationalized taking a nap would invigorate me and would kick start my tidy-up project. After my nap I rationalized that my MIL would be down to visit us within twenty minutes so I worked on my knitting project instead. Then after watching the news I did a little bit of work on it but stopped when I convinced myself that it was more important to call M and check on how she's feeling (and I still hold it was more important) and that the picking up actually looks worse than it is and I can get it finished tomorrow morning before Window Washing Dude arrives.

And I think I actually can get it done but not to the standard in which it should be done. You see, had I done this on time I'd have picked things up and stored and organized them neatly. Now I'm pretty well convinced that neat organization will not be something I'll have time for and I'll be reduced to just getting shit out of the way enough for him to wash the windows.

Window Washing Dude will think that room is terribly messy and he'll be right. And I'll be embarrassed. And then I simply won't care because my windows will be washed, he'll be paid, he'll forget about the empty boxes in that room that I haven't yet taken out to be recycled and the whole cycle of rationalization and procrastination will begin again.

Sure. In the time I've written this I could have been working on the tidy-up but I've rationalized that it was more important that come here to discuss this with you dear readers. And I still hold that it was more important.

Aren't you feeling all warm inside knowing that I put you first?


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