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Thursday, April 14, 2005

When procrastination bites me in the ass

So in our last episode I filled y'all in on how I'm a master procrastinator (sounds slightly lewd, doesn't it?) and how indulging my talent was going to cost me this morning as I would end up running around clearing things for Window Washer Dude.

I did indeed get up at the butt crack o' dawn this morning and did indeed run like a loon getting things in shape for having my windows washed. A bit too early actually as I finished a good hour before my self-imposed deadline but the remaining hour was wisely spent knitting. Not getting things truly well organized because by then I was well in "it's good enough" mode but trying to finish my moss knit scarf project.

Around 12:30 I went up to my MIL's apartment to swipe some fizzy water from her to have available to offer Window Washer Dude (I don't usually keep it on hand because I find that our tap water is delicious and I can't stand carbonated water - don't get me going on how most Germans only like to drink carbonated water) and as I was coming in the door the phone was ringing. Window Washer Dude was going to be held up on a commerical window washing job and would be late getting to our apartment so I assured him that he should go ahead and not rush his commerical job and could instead come on Monday instead to wash my windows.

So let's examine the situation. Some of you will say that I have been given a punishment for my procrastination. Had I gone ahead and done my tidy-up in a timely manner then I wouldn't have had to get up at that ungodly hour only to rush around cleaning like a mad fool for what turns out to have been no reason. Some of you will say that I have been given a reprieve and a last chance to redeem myself and to turn from my wicked procrastinating ways and now I have a full three days to tidy up and organize properly. And some of you will say that come Monday morning I shall be again up early cleaning like a mad fool.

And I say that the likely scenario will be that for the next three days I will end up trying not to disturb the tidy-up I've done already. Okay, okay. I may give a passing thought or two to getting the empty boxes cut up and down to the recycling bin but that's probably as far as I'll get.

At least you gotta admire my consistancy!


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