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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The ordinary

Again, thanks to everyone for such an outpouring of love and support regarding my mother. It means more than you may know and it's definitely appreciated more than I can express.

Like everyone I'm itching for spring. The daylight now lasts longer than mid-afternoon and ever-so-slightly milder temperatures are encouraging. I find myself wanting to get outside more often so I can shake off this feeling of hibernation.

Today at noon when I went out to get some bread to make lunch with I stood out in front of the shops to feel the warmer air and to listen to the church bells ringing for the noontime prayers. It starts with the Walloner and Johannes churches ringing and then a few moments later the clock tower bells at the city hall begin. Those bells play a tune and you can hear it sailing above the deeper knell of the bells at the churches. I'm a sucker for listening to those bells and will stop if I'm outdoors at noon or at 6pm when they ring the Angelus.

My project for the Knitting Olympics is a little less than half finished - 19 1/2 inches are complete. I'm at that point where I'm starting to get tired of it and am anxious to get it finished so I can move on to something else. I'm getting slightly concerned about the yarn although I imagine it's unnecessary panic. I have twelve skeins of this yarn and have used six (as it's sport weight I'm knitting with two strands held together) and so I think I'll be just skidding under the wire. I'm imagining myself getting to the last bit of knitting and running out and not being able to get more of this yarn. In the past it would have caused me no end of irritation but if it comes to pass then I shall remedy the situation by binding off, using the blanket as a little shoulder warmer for myself and knitting Zea's baby another blanket with lots more yarn purchased ahead of time. I'm doing my best not to get pissed off about stuff I can't remedy.

Valentine's Day was nice. My lovely husband gave me flowers, ordered pizza for our supper and for a Valentine gift I'm having my blog template redesigned.

Time for a cup of tea. Wonder if I have any lemon wafers left?


Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Your blog template resdesigned..,best Valentine's Day gift EVER! Great idea!

1:33 PM  

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