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Monday, October 30, 2006

But Only Because I'm Too Lazy to Walk

Folks, if there's a bandwagon out there, chances are I'm going to jump on it and ride, ride, ride. Take the chance that others out there are having fun with something and I'm left out? Not on your life!

About a month ago I had said to B that I wanted to take a self imposed break from my computer, mostly to make sure I'm not too far behind on must-be-done-by-Christmas knitting but also to see if I could take a week's break from the computer world. Since 1994 I don't believe I've been away from using a computer for more than maybe five days in a row. That just doesn't seem right and I thought perhaps a break would perhaps serve me well. The week of Thanksgiving seemed like a fine time to do it so that's what I'd set my sights on.

That was until NaBloPoMo came along.

NaBloPoMo, dreamed up by the ever clever Mrs. Kennedy, takes the concept behind NaNoWriMo and sets it in the blogging world. It's pretty simple - post on your blog every day for the thirty days of November. And if you just don't think you can handle it but want to supoort those who are participating, read blogs that have signed up for NaBloPoMo or your own favorites and make comments on them.

That, my friends, is a bandwagon and by golly scoot over because I'm jumping on. I ain't going to miss this and then later see all the fun and frolick and drinking and dancing and making out in the corner while I curse myself for skipping the party so I could stay home and study algebra.

Still there will be those who crash the party. Those who just won't get what the whole thing is about just like they never get what NaNoWriMo any other blog posting exercise is about. Instead of participating and putting in any effort on their own they'll rummage through the participants' blogs only to pick things apart, criticize and make fun of others. They make fun of the whole idea of posting every day and don't get or don't want to get that it's an excercise to make better writers and discover blogs you never knew exsisted. There always has to be an asshole around to throw up in the front yard.

So go over and sign up - there's still time. All the cool kids will be there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah! I am so glad you are participating, love your writing. I will be one of your adoring cheer leaders!

11:50 PM  
Blogger Molly said...

I'm thrilled too, to be able to read you everyday!
Dixie, do you know a columnist by the name of Sharon Randall? Wonderful, plainspoken, Southern. She is syndicated in many papers in the US. Google her and see what you think. You guys might be soul sisters.

12:12 AM  
Blogger Jemima said...

So posting daily is the sort of thing normal people would only try to do for one month of the year. Curious.

I've signed up for WriMo, but I think I was being a bit unrealistic. I could write a novel in a month, but do I want to? Anyway, I've got such a lot on at work.

Good luck.

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Belinda said...

You know the bandwagon I'm jumpin' on? The "read Kim everyday" one :D

Can't wait to see what November has in store.

8:33 AM  
Blogger Dixie said...

I'm going to count on y'all to keep me from being tempted to slack off and skip a day. I may have to restort to posting photos but I'm going to give it my best!

Molly (nice to meet you!), I Googled Sharon Randall and read some of her articles. I like her very much. Thanks for the tip!

9:57 PM  

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