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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm Blaming He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named

All day I have been anticipating going to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Popular movies are shown during the first few days of release in English at our local theater and since I enjoy Harry Potter films much more in English I wanted to go this evening to its first English showing. I could see the film in German and understand it fine but there's something about these stories that makes me want to see them in original language. Subtle differences in language and certain things needing to be changed to make sense when it's translated into German sometimes goes over my head and when it's a film I'm really looking forward to seeing, I want to get the most out of it.

My entire day has revolved around going to see this film. Leaving B alone for the 3 1/2 or 4 hours it would take me to get to the theater, see the film and get back home isn't something we can do on a whim so I had to make sure everything was in place for me to go.

I've been excited all day to go to the movies. I very seldom see movies in a theater and to see this one on the big screen was whipping me up into a froth. And everything seemed to be going in the right direction. I was able to get all the things done to leave B alone done in plenty of time and the weather was even cool enough for me to don my hand knit Gryffindor socks:

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My hair was even perfect today. I'd purchased my ticket online and all I'd need to do once I got to the theater was pick it up at the terminal. I even had an excellent seat reserved for me. I've had dates with grown men that didn't have me in such a state of anticipation.

It was pouring rain when I left home but that wasn't dampening my spirits. I caught the streetcar to the theater, picked up my ticket and proceeded to go in and the ticket taker stopped me.

"This is for the show in English."

"I know. I speak English. I can speak some English for you if you want."

[laughing] "No, no! It's just there's a little problem."

The manager, having overheard us, walked up and said "Oh there's a problem with the English showing. The CD with the English language hasn't come in. It should have been here by now. It could come at any second but if it gets to be 7:45 and it's not here we'll have to cancel the showing. But you can see it in German if you want. Or get your money back."

"Oh. Uh. Well. I'll wait and hope for the best."

Good hair and lucky hand knit Gryffindor socks didn't help. The CD didn't arrive and the manager announced that the showing would be canceled. Since the whole point of me going to these lengths to see the film in English would be spoiled if I just went in and watched it in German I went to the box office and got my money back. The manager saw me in line, approached me and said "The CD will be here tomorrow. I swear it will be. We're showing it again tomorrow and Monday and Tuesday.".

There's no way I can go either Thursday or Monday so the Tuesday showing will be my last chance and that's when I'll go. It's anticipated that around here the weather will be unbearably hot. Like 100°F hot. And if it's going to be that hot, I'm going to have bad hair. And no ability to sport lucky hand knit Gryffindor socks.

Hold me while I weep tiny, bitter tears of disappointment.



Blogger Marsha said...

It is really good. We went and saw it last night at midnight. Got home at 3AM, Lily got me up at 6AM. I am more than a bit bitchy but it was totally worth it.

10:09 PM  
Blogger sari said...


Cari is coming tomorrow, and we are taking Mr. Nine to see it. I'm way more excited than he is, believe me.

I hope you can get there Tuesday, hair & socks or not.

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Buda Baby said...

That stinks! I'm sorry for your bad luck. :-(

On the bright side, at least you'll be in a cool, dark place when it's 100 degrees on Tuesday!

12:12 PM  
Blogger Katya said...

I feel so bad for you -- hand kit socks AND good hair! It should have worked out. I'm going to see it when I get home but I'll probably have bad hair since I usually do. :(

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

I'd blame Umbridge, instead.

We had some trials and tribulations here just being able to get tickets, but we did end up getting to see it yesterday.

In addition to your lucky socks, take tissues. I loved it. Going to see if we can get tix for an IMAX showing this weekend.

6:13 PM  
Blogger Mahala said...

Good hair is such a rare thing for me in the summer. I feel your pain sister.

6:33 PM  
Blogger Hilda said...

I'm going to wait a bit when the crowds die down a bit.

I want to be able to enjoy it and not be annoyed by the marauding hordes (read: teenagers on summer vacation and hopped up on Red Bull and Starbucks).

7:42 PM  
Blogger melusina said...

Man, what a bummer! I hope everything works out for you to go on Tuesday!

At least the movie opened in Germany. It isn't opening in Greece until Aug. 19th. Or 21st. Or something. Not until late August, anyway.

9:23 PM  

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