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Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Socks. But then you were already expecting that, weren't you?


Gratuitous yarny talk:

Pattern: Spring Forward
Yarn: Gedifra Socks Color
Colorway: 7059

I always try to include the gratuitous yarny talk even if a vast majority of y'all don't give a crap about what pattern the socks are or what yarn I used. Still if I didn't do it it would feel funny. The world may go out of balance if I didn't tell y'all all the little details. It's been rumored that the current economic crisis in America may have been caused by a knitting blogger not giving project details. Do not piss off the gods o' fiber arts!

Things were all cosy and nesty today here at Casa del Peach. Crap weather was braved in order to get the supplies to make beef stew (crap weather and beef stew - a marriage made in heaven...or at least in my kitchen) and I then spent the rest of my free time watching Twin Peaks on DVD and knitting on a scarf. I once read that in Germany Twin Peaks was pulled from TV after only a few episodes because a competing TV network revealed early who actually killed Laura Palmer. Assholery is alive and well on German television! In any case it was almost comforting in a way to find that the creepy parts of Twin Peaks still creep me out in the same way as they did the first time I watched it. Comforting like a big cup of hot cocoa on a windy, rainy afternoon. If it were served to you by a serial killer.

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Anonymous Kara said...

I felt the same way rewatching Twin Peaks. Although I stopped watching once the killer was revealed (again).

4:23 AM  
Blogger sari said...

those look so soft and cozy!! love the colors.

1:51 AM  

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