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Monday, October 10, 2005

Because then life would be too neat and easy

That's the reason we can't get every single thing settled with this moving thing once and for all. Hell's bells, I'm just having too much fun with constantly speculating about things.

Still, some things are being put into motion. I sign the rental agreement on October 18 and pick up the key on October 19 and Wolfgang will paint the apartment on October 22. And today the lady from the moving company came by to see what things we have to move so she can give us a price. As it is she figures it'll come in at around 1000 € but any parts they have to have to make the kitchen right will be extra. I had a mental estimation of three times that amount so I was pleased with the offer.

I've also put to bed my anxiety about the kitchen. Moving Company Lady said that she will have her carpenter come see the kitchen as it is now, will come to the new place for him to measure things and see what can go where and then he'll conform things so that the new kitchen will seem as though what in it was custom made for it - or as close as they can get. I asked repeatedly, 'cause I'm annoying like that, if the kitchen will look good again and she assured me each time that it would. So I'm getting this kitchen worry off my back and am now going to focus on my new indecision.

Now we don't know which apartment to take. We had settled on 115, 2nd floor. A great apartment with a good view and in a good location 200 yards from the market square that we would be very happy in. Then on Friday B found on the rental company's website a newly available apartment at 121. Same street, just the next building over. This one would get me about 50 yards closer to the market square and this is on the 6th floor. Likely a better view than we'd get in 115. Problem is we're not 100% sure that B can get his wheelchair in 121 - some of the apartments have frames inside the doors that would cut down on the accessability - the apartment at 115 has no such frames. My MIL is finding out tomorrow if 121 has door frames and if it doesn't we have to decide right away which one we'll take. We've talked about it all weekend and I even went downtown yesterday afternoon to take pictures of the outside of both so B could see what sort of view we'd have and honestly it seems to have muddled up more than it cleared up. Right now we don't know whether to shit or go blind.

Could be a crucial decision with a lot hinging on it. A lot has to be taken into consideration. We need to try to make this as foolproof as possible. To that end I've been thinking about it all day and I've come to this conclusion:

Heads we take the apartment at 115. Tails we take the one at 121.


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