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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Fasten your seatbelts, we're gonna be hitting the highlights and we're going to be going fast so keep your hands inside the car until we come to a complete stop.

1. Sick yesterday. Sick, sick, sick. Ohdearlord, it was that sort of sick that made you wish you'd just go ahead and die but you know you're not going to be that lucky and you're going to have to keep suffering until it's over. Started about a half hour after lunch, eased after a few sessions of V & D (get out your secret decoder rings if you don't understand that), revved up again after eating supper, eased off once more after a bit more V and a nap. Tummy bug? Could be, but my money is on my cranky ass gallbladder. The one I was suppsed to get removed a couple years ago but I opted to have my ovaries removed instead. Not that I mean ovary removal was interchangable with gallbladder removal - I'm just saying problems with both occured at approximately the same time. Actually the ovary problem was discovered during the diagnosis of the gallbladder problem. Okay, whatever - let's leave my now non-exsistant ovaries out of this. This is about my wonky gut, dammit!

2. Thank God and all His chubby little angels above. B's wheelchair fits in the new apartment. We went down there today (and thank you again, God, for not letting it rain while he was out) and he came off the elevator, turned on a dime and whipped right into the apartment. And after a week of anxiety over it he didn't even have the common decency to make it look even sort of hard. Damn show off.

Now he's obsessing about which room he wants to have as the main livingroom. Closets are virtually non-exsistant in Germany so you can choose what rooms you wish to be livingrooms or bedrooms. I think he's going to pick the room with the balcony as he's going to be in that room all the time and the balcony makes the room seem larger.

3. We've pretty well settled on us taking the new place as of November 1, moving on November 16 and vacating this pit of hell as of November 30. If I could only leave to new potential renters secret, subliminal messages that say "Don't take this apartment! A loud, obnoxious, hateful, anti-social dickhead lives above! You'll be awakened every time he goes to take a crap!", I would. Save some other poor person the frustration of living below that hellish man.

4. The moving company has been called and they're coming over on Friday afternoon at 4pm to talk about what they'll need to do, get an idea of what needs to be moved, etc. so they can give us a price. This is a good thing except for it being on Friday. I specifically told my MIL not to make the appointment with the moving company for this week and I've told her a thousand times to not ever make appointments for me for Fridays. Fridays are the day when I am my busiest. I do my shopping that day. B ususally doesn't feel so great on Fridays due to some medicine he takes on Thursdays. Just bathing him and washing his hair that day takes me hours and I can't be flexible with that. I thought I had over the years made it abundently clear that nothing short of the second coming of Christ had better claim my time on Fridays but evidently my MIL didn't get the memo.

5. Got home in time for the delivery service to bring me four long sleeved t-shirts I ordered last week. All are v-necked, two have lace around the neck - one in red and one in Granny Smith apple green - and two have little flowers embroidered around the neckline - one is white and one is pink. Yes, I order clothes I like in different colors. Dorky, yes - but I at home most of the time anyway. It's not like I'm showing up at an office for people to look at my clothes and whisper to each other "Doesn't she have that same blouse in blue?". Folks, be glad I have branched out into wearing clothes in colors as daring as red and Granny Smith apple green. There was a time after I turned 35 when my wardrobe consisted of only blue, black, white and beige clothes.

6. You know, I have a gyn appointment for this month (back to my ovaries very circle of life, to speak) and I have no freaking idea where the bitty slip of paper that has the appointment on it is. Would not surprise me in the least to find out the appointment is on a Friday. I'll even bet that it's this Friday.


Blogger Kirsti said...

Yay for finding a new apartment that fits B's chair! The balcony sounds lovely too. You'll have to sneak in and take before and after pics.

Good luck on Friday. I've got Sal and Oscar arriving tomorrow, so prob'ly won't be commenting or reading much, but I'll catch up once they're safely back in England.

9:58 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

Smooch 'em both for me, okay?

10:14 PM  
Blogger BranV said...

Ok, so I have really suckity sucked sucked about letting you know I am reading your blog and thinking about you two. I tend to read on the fly these days, but you stay with me even when I'm doing other things. I'm hoping like hell that this new place makes up for all the crap you've dealt with. It sounds like it will be perfect (though I remember how you feel about packing things up!).

4:10 AM  
Blogger beege said...

Dix--I do the exact same thing. If I love a top in black, I'm probably going to love it in white, red, and ivory. So why not pick them up?

Particularly when it seems like it's getting harder for me to find things that I out and out love and look good on me.

I really need to make peace with my post-pregnancy body. Either that, or get off my azz and change it. :)

2:57 PM  
Blogger Dixie said...

I know how to fix your post-pregnancy body, Beege. Get pregnant again. :)

9:38 PM  

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