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Friday, October 07, 2005

Neatening up the frayed stuff

Let's just tidy up any loose ends I may have out there, shall we?

1. Basement fire from a month ago? We got our insurance settlement - a little over 1200 € that will come in handy for moving expenses. Nice this is that what things of mine that I had ruined by smoke and fire are probably things I would have chucked when I move.

2. Unknown gyn appointment? Bitty scrap of paper found. It's next week. And not even on Friday.

3. Annoying Friday appointment with moving company? My MIL, ever quick on the uptake, called them and changed the appointment to Monday. My Friday stayed on schedule and I have a couple days to straighten out some things before some lady from the moving company starts poking through my stuff in an attempt to not only see what I have to move but to satsify general nosiness.

4. Cranky ass gallbladder? Tamed once again, thankfully, as I do not currently have time for surgery.

5. Longed for Chapstick? Found. Bottom of black canvas Fossil bag where, I do believe, I also once misplaced my passport. In future I shall check there first for missing items. Perhaps if I dig deep enough I'll find Judge Crater and Jimmy Hoffa tucked in the corner surrounded by tattered Kleenex and a few loose TicTacs.


Anonymous ashley said...

goodness there were a lot of updates when i came to your site today. there were like a bajillion entries. go dix, go!

7:54 PM  

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