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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Science Fiction

It's mid-September and by now in Germany we should be well into autumn weather. I'm sure when I mention autumn weather I'm conduring up for many of you images of crisp air, golden sun, deep blue skies, leaves turning red and every other image that makes you want to visit a You-Pick-'Em pumpkin farm for a go at a hayride and barnyard animal petting zoo. Unfortunately that's not an apt description of a German autumn. Yeah, we do get some days that gloriously conform to the good autumn image but a lot of our autumns are filled with gray, dreary skies, chilly breezes and drizzly rain...the sort of rain that makes you want to scream at the skies "Either rain properly or knock it the hell off!".

After an August that seemed more like a typical October, we're being treated to weather that rivals July. A real July, not that we're-roasting-our-asses-off-here July that we had this year. Bright sunshine, warm breezes, the works. The only thing that reminds someone as to the real time of year is that it's dark by 8pm.

This afternoon as I was taking Bonnie for a long walk - a walk in which she did not bark at every other dog we encountered and did not drag me all over in search of bits of paper on the sidewalk for her to eat and what have you pod people done with my dog because this one can't possibly be mine - I was a little surprised at the amount of people out. I live in the center of the city - what's mainly a shopping area - and it looked more like a Saturday when all the shops are open instead of a Sunday when everything but restaurants are closed. Families with frolicking children were having a stroll, outdoor cafes were bursting with patrons, park benches filled with people sunning themselves or eating sticky, melting ice cream cones. And everyone was smiling. Smiling Germans as far as the eye could see. Laughing! Utterly thrilled to be out enjoying the good weather. They all had looks on their faces that said "Look! The golden orb is present in the sky! It is...the sun!! It shines in September as well! Look at us! We can sit and enjoy it's warm rays! We need not be pissed on by the rain as we normally are on Sundays! More ice cream! More beer! We are celebrating!".

Okay, what have you pod people done with my Germans because these can't possibly be mine.


Blogger Katya said...

You know, what I remember of German autumns is more like you describe the teh weather being like now but I was a kid and kids romanticize things -- plus I was never good with time.

Love your Friday shuffle by the way.

2:12 AM  
Blogger christina said...

Ha ha! You kill me, lady. :-)

1:36 PM  
Blogger sari said...

My parents live in the town where they filmed the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

I still look at people out of the corners of my eyes when I visit, just to check, and I was BORN there, ha ha ha!

Good luck you're not snatched by aliens!

9:37 PM  

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