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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Desperate Thursday Haiku

Can I haiku for two Thursdays in a row? Why sure I can! And eat a sandwich too! All without a net!

My Thursday fall back
When inspiration runs low
Rely on what works.

More poems for you
Summing up my life in verse
It's this or it's dots.

Not happy with sock
The Pink Ribbon one, I mean
Rip out, start again.

Can't make sucky sock.
It's too important for that.
It's for charity!

Pissing rain today
And where's my umbrella?
It's nowhere near me!

You know what? Forget it. This is too much like work. I need at least something about which to write and today's events aren't meeting me even halfway. I'm serious - the most noteworthy even that occurred today was getting my hair colored and my bangs cut and since that happens every six weeks it hardly garners a mention. Not even peppy haiku can save this festival of boredom.

C'mon back tomorrow. Bixente the iPod will shuffle and I'll roll back the rugs and we'll dance. No syllable restrictions either.



Blogger Molly said...

We're all wondering about the hair dye that your friend bought you.
You're the best Haiku writer I've even known.

6:02 PM  
Anonymous the lone beader said...

I like your sock haiku. That's so cute:)

1:59 AM  

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